St George’s

Preparing for Grade 1

Our Grade R’s are fully prepared for their transition to Grade 1 at the Prep School throughout their Grade R year. This helps them with the transition to the Prep Campus and provides opportunities to experience various activities at the Prep which makes it all the more familiar to them when they move up to Grade 1.

Term 1

Grade 1 Parent Information Evening – Our Grade R children spend time in the Grade 1 classrooms with their Grade R teacher and the Grade 1 teachers while their parents are taken on a tour of the Prep School campus.

Grade 1’s and teachers visit the Grade R’s with their workbooks to show off their work. Grade R teachers give them stickers/rewards.

Grade R’s attend various Grade 1 events such as the Foundation Phase gala and relevant assemblies.

Term 2

We start a ‘buddy reading’ system where the Grade 1’s visit us on Fridays with their readers and buddy up with a Grade R to read to them.

The Grade R’s visit Grade 1 classes on arranged dates to spend some time with the Grade 1 teachers doing various activities on the Interactive White Board; play on the jungle gym or listen to a story.

Term 3 & 4

 Our Grade R’s participate in a ‘Pen Pal’ system – the Grade R children practice their emergent writing skills by ‘writing’ to their Grade 1 Pen Pal – they write cards, letters and Christmas cards. The Grade 1 Pen Pal then replies and the children are very excited when the letters are delivered.

The Grade 1’s and their teachers are invited to various Pre-Preparatory events e.g., Market Day, Dress Up days etc. and the Grade 1’s and teachers also attend our Nativity play; Dress Rehearsal for our concert and our Graduation.

Grade R’s attend assemblies at the Prep

Grade R’s spend time in the Computer Lab with the Grade 1’s and teachers to work/play on the iPads.

Grade R’s attend a Grade 1 evening in the fourth term where they meet their Grade 1 teacher and spend time in their new classroom without the Grade R teacher present.