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St George’s

School Lunches

At St George’s we take food very seriously, recognising that we need to create good eating habits which contribute to a healthy lifestyle, whilst satisfying the calorific needs of growing children and active sports participants.

Our kitchen cooks as much as is possible from scratch and our Catering manager works to source as much produce as we can locally, thereby supporting local businesses.

All pupils in Grades 3 – 7 are served a cooked lunch in our Hutchinson Dining Hall from Monday to Friday.  In 2014, St George’s Prep introduced a Healthy Eating Initiative.  The lunches are freshly prepared every day and packed with healthy nutritious ingredients. Special attention is paid to ensure the correct balance of the food groups is offered with extra attention to encourage an increase in fruit and vegetable intake.

Lunch times are as follows:

Grade 3 – 4          12:45 – 13:10

Grade 5 – 7          13:15 – 13:40

The weekly menus are available to view on the D6 Communicator in Resources. These menus run for a 4 week period and rotated thereafter.

School lunches are included in the school fees. 

Sandwiches are also provided for all Grades at first break.