Preparatory | Student Experience

St George’s

House System

The Prep has three houses; Brawn, Francis and Stevens, named after the first three head boys at St George’s.

  • Brawn – Red
  • Francis – White
  • Stevens – Blue

Every child is a member of a House. Each house is headed up by a Housefather/Housemother and each House has a number of House Tutors. Boys and Girls are assigned to a House according to numbers in each age group. Siblings are allocated to the same House. Children of past St George’s pupils are assigned to their father’s or mother’s house.

A House Meeting is held before the start of lessons each Tuesday morning and the pupils have a group tutorial with their House Tutors four times a term.

There are various House competitions; sporting and academic; junior and senior, throughout the school year. The number of completed credit cards collected by the pupils go towards house point totals for their House.