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St George’s

Information and Communication Technology

Technology forms an integral part of the learning process at St George’s Prep. We have two Windows‐based computer labs situated on the ground floor of the Carol Arts & Media Centre, where pupils in Grades 00 – 7 enjoy weekly ICT lessons. In addition to these classes, teachers are able to reserve a lab for other lessons requiring the use of computers. We have interactive SMART Boards in our classrooms and mobile iPad banks for use in the junior grades.

Knowledge Network Computer Curriculum Grade 00 to 7

The Prep follows the Knowledge Network® Progressive Learning Programme from Grade R to Grade 7. This curriculum emphasises creativity, problem‐solving and cross‐application learning, rather than just the acquisition of computer skills. It is project based and adapts well to particular topics a class may be studying.

Pupils in Grades 4 to 7 sit a practical exam at the end of the year and those who attain 70% or more receive a certificate from Knowledge Network®.


iPads were introduced at the Prep in 2013 and all pupils in Grades 5 to 7 are required to bring an iPad to school. iPads add an extra dimension to the classroom. They enable active, engaged learning, both individually and in collaboration with others. They provide easy access to additional and up‐to‐date resources – the internet, e‐books or educational software (Apps). They are an excellent content creation tool and we place more emphasis on this than on their use for ‘Apps fests’, or content consumption.

Our teachers receive training from facilitators at Think Ahead, a company that supports learning with Apple products and the school regularly hosts workshops given by international Apple Distinguished Educators.


St George’s became a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) school at the start of 2016. This suite of classroom productivity tools integrates well with both PCs and iPads, enabling our pupils and teachers to communicate and collaborate effectively across different platforms, at school or from home.