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Hope Jones Foundation

The Hope Jones Foundation was started by Hopes’ parents in 2008 when Hope was born with a Congenital Myopathy which affected all her voluntary muscles, to the extent that she was unable to swallow at birth. Added to this was a bi-lateral hearing deficit and other physical challenges. Her prognosis was bleak and uncertain.

They established the Hope Jones Foundation to bring hope to those travelling a similar road. By providing medical and advisory support to both children and their parent, we can bring hope into lives at a time when all seems lost.

The Hope Jones Foundation aim is to raise funds, source equipment and provide early intervention therapy to enable children with mental and physical disabilities reach their full potential. They also aim to create an awareness of the challenges faced by children with mental and physical disabilities amongst all age groups within our local community.

This year 5 of our Grade 7 learners were selected to be ambassadors for the Hope Jones Foundation. These ambassadors have given up a lot of their spare time to help in our community. They have attended various workshops and have helped out in our community in many different ways.

Our ambassadors have:

  • Visited Aurora School and worked with children who have disabilities.
  • They have tin collections at supermarkets
  • They will help out at the Book drive for Nelson Mandela Day at Walmer Park.
  • They will be handing out beanies to underprivileged children
  • They will be visiting Cape-Recife School in term 3
  • Van Gogh Art and photo competition

St Georges’ Prep and College have been supporting this foundation for 2 years now.

The ambassadors parents are also asked to help out at times. Our Ambassadors are very proud to be working for The Hope Jones Foundation and we admire them for their hard work.