St George’s

Grade R Daily Programme

Our focus in Grade R is to encourage the children to become more independent, responsible and confident in preparation for their transition into Grade 1.   During each day, they follow a routine that gives them flexible boundaries in which to learn and interact with each other through constructive, structured play.

The morning consists of some free play (indoors & outdoors) followed by Greetings and a Morning Ringtime.  This is when they discuss the day of the week, weather and talk about the day’s learning and expected outcomes.

After more socialisation and gross motor activities outdoors, the Grade R’s learn through integrated learning areas.  This is a time of creative activities when they rotate to the various learning stations. The children learn to work mostly independently and learn through discovery and exploration.  This prepares them well for Grade 1 as it involves decision making, planning, organizing and task completion.  All learning is based around a weekly or bi-weekly theme and includes Literacy, Numeracy and PSE activities.

The Grade R’s morning also includes weekly activities of:

  • Cooking
  • Computer lesson
  • Xhosa
  • Library
  • Science/Movement/Music rotated activities
  • Bakerman/Bakerlady

Towards the end of the year, we introduce the Grade R’s to an informal reading programme.  They work on pre-reading skills and the abler ‘readers’ take home simple books.  After a busy, stimulating and creative year, our children transition smoothly into Grade 1.