St George’s

Grade 000 Daily Programme

Grade 000 is a fun filled year. We understand that the first time at school can be a little overwhelming, but when you walk into a classroom filled with love, play, fun and laughter, there is no way that your little one would want to leave. We create a safe and stimulating environment for the children, and make sure every one of them feel loved.

We prepare the little ones for Grade 00 through a balanced, daily programme and play. This incorporates large muscle skills, social emotional development, and listening skills. The term ahead also includes fun, weekly activities such as:

  • Class creative baking – weekly
  • Bakerman/Bakerlady – every Friday

In the 2nd term the Grade 000’s join the rest of the Pre-Preparatory for Wake Up Shake Up.

Computer lessons are introduced once a week in the 3rd and 4th terms.

Our day is divided into directed activities, in a well-organised programme:

 Circle time

We start each day with Circle Time. Circle Time is the time of the day where we are all comfortable and ready to start sharing and experiencing. Music is a very important learning tool and children are able to express themselves through dance and singing. Music truly does bring everyone together. After dancing and singing, we get our hats and we head off outside.


Alongside intellectual development; play is at the heart of our Preschools’ curriculum. At St George’s Pre-Preparatory we spend a lot of our time outside allowing time for imaginative play.  The children jump into the sand pit and build sand castles or climb the jungle gym, pretending to be on a ship. Our spacious playground allows the children to run freely and develop both gross and fine motor skills. Free play is a very special time of the day as children learn through play and discovery. Once the line leader calls everyone inside, we put our aprons on and eagerly await instructions to our newest, theme related, art activity.

Art time

It’s time to get messy! All learning and art is according to a planned weekly theme and the little artists are encouraged to express themselves and take risks when being creative. This way they develop a sense of innovation that will be important in Grade 00. Children are placed into small groups. Communicating with group members is encouraged as this provides them with an opportunity for language development.


Snack-time is an enjoyable part of the day. It’s a chance to be together and a great opportunity to listen in on some really funny and interesting stories. There are always loads of laughs during snack-time.

Who’s ready for Physical development?

This is a weekly, large muscle movement lessons (developmental play) presented to the children to encourage them to exercise their growing bodies. The emphasis is on climbing and balancing activities, basic movement skills such as skipping, galloping, hopping, and ball skills.

Our enjoyable days end when we head inside to listen to a lovely story. Everybody’s day ends in a happily ever after as a story book closes and we go home with our families.

Here in Grade 000 we are always up to something. Come and find out for yourself and be a part of our happy day.