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Internet Safety First!

I recently attended an eye-opening talk by Craig Blewett, a lecturer from UKZN who was completing his PHD in Facebook and education, who spoke of the dangers of the internet. This, together with the recent talks held nationally by Emma Sadleir, have prompted me to...

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Why I Love My School | Prep

We asked the pupils of St George's Prep why they love their school. Here are some of their responses... Grade 1 I like Grade 1 because we do work I like St George’s because it is fun We play I have a nice teacher and she gives us nice work I like playing with my...

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Why I Love My School

By Reece Price, Grade 7 At the tender age of 5 years, I remember my mom leading me into the St George’s Pre-Primary school across the road.  As excited as I was to be starting little school, I tearfully found it difficult to let go of my mom’s hand.  Surrounded by...

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