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St George’s

Arts & Media Centre

The Carol Arts & Media Centre on the St George’s Preparatory School campus, opened in October 2014.  This visionary, multi-functional facility benefits all our Pre-Primary and Prep pupils and the wider community. The Centre consists of an Art Studio, a Drama studio, a modern multi -media library and two computer labs.

The Art Studio offers
  • A modern spacious art studio extending what we already offer, plus 3-D work such as pottery and crafts under ‘one roof’.
  • Space to regularly display pupils’ art and craft work.





The Drama Studio offers
  • A dedicated area for Speech & Drama lessons
  • Extra features including a props and costume wardrobe.
The Multi-Media Library offers
  • A modern spacious open plan area to house all our books and computers for research.
Two Computer Labs offer
  • Dedicated computer lessons following the K-Net curriculum.
  • Class teachers to use for their classes requiring research.

Directions to the Carol Arts & Media Centre for events after School Hours

During School Hours the Centre is accessed via the Prep School’s main entrance in 8 Park Drive.


From Brickmakerskloof turn into MacIntosh Road and park in the vicinity of our Pre-Primary which is a short walk from the Carol Arts & Media Centre;


From Park Drive, turn into Forbes Avenue, which becomes Jutland Crescent.  Turn left at St George’s Aquatic Centre into MacIntosh Road, drive down the dip and park on the left hand side opposite the Carol Arts & Media Centre.