1 St George’s was established in 1936, founded on a commitment to individual education in academic excellence and moral integrity
2 St George’s offers independent, quality co-educational education from ages 3 -18
3 We are committed to a proud tradition of family values and uphold the Schools core values; Respect, Integrity, Family and Fellowship, Kindness and Commitment
4 We provide an exceptional, progressive Christian education in a stimulating, multi-cultural and disciplined environment and are open to all faiths
5 Our faculty and staff plays an important part in each pupil’s life as role models and mentors
6 Through a partnership with Independent Schools in the UK we offer Grade 7 pupils the opportunity to participate in an exchange programme
7 Our College follows the syllabi of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) and writes its matriculation examination, which is recognised internationally
8 Recognising that the foundation years are critical in the development of a child, our Pre-Preparatory and Junior Preparatory programmes supports a child’s natural curiosity and love of learning that fosters successful, self-confident and happy children
9 The College has been recognised by Eskom Expo for Young Scientists for being the high school with the most entries of a consistent high standard over the years
10 Annual grade camps are held for Grades 4 – 12
11 We have a dedicated music school and pupils have the opportunity to take Trinity College London exams and the Royal Schools of Music examination
12 Each Pre-Preparatory teacher is passionate about E.C.D. education and has a deep love and understanding of a child’s needs and capabilities, with the aim to develop each child, cognitively, physically, emotionally and socially
13 There are a number of opportunities for all grades to visit local places of interest, thus offering an extended classroom so our pupils have a better understanding of the world around them
14 Grade 4 – 12 pupils have the opportunity to participate in a variety of Clubs
15 Our class sizes enable your child the best opportunity to learn and develop – classes are small enough for our pupils to receive individual attention
16 Our warm, nurturing environment aims to develop and support each pupil in reaching their highest level of personal achievement through good learning habits, self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility
17 Our Grade 3 – 7 pupils enjoy a daily, freshly prepared cooked lunch, prepared with healthy nutritious ingredients, in the Hutchinson Hall
18 All pupils from Pre-Preparatory to Grade 8 follow the K-Net Computer certification certificate
19 Our Grade R pupils participate in the Neuronet programme which offers Learning through Movement Classroom Enrichment
20 Grade 6 – 9 pupils participate in the annual Commonwealth Essay competition – in past years our students have won gold, silver and bronze awards
21 Our new Arts & Media Centre provides state-of-the-art learning spaces
22 We offer tutoring in German, Spanish and French
23 Learning Support is provided for our Junior Preparatory pupils who need additional support
24 Independence is developed and academic assistance offered in supervised homework sessions for all pupils in Grades 4 – 7 Monday to Thursday
25 Learning is fun – from Grade R to Matric, in small classes, where a flexible, innovative approach is adopted and delivered by dedicated and talented staff
26 Developing the whole person is our goal and sport and outdoor activities form an integral part of our approach to education
27 Sport coaches ensure that our pupils have the opportunity to acquire all the necessary skills while enjoying their sporting experiences
28 School for us is about growing children, mindful that each child’s school experience is dynamic, multi-dimensional, busy and complex as we endeavour to provide them with diverse experiences
29 A broad range of opportunities enables us to create an environment where pupils can build on existing talents or rise to new challenges
30 Prep pupils have the opportunity to be involved in the Junior Band, Senior Band, String Ensemble and Choir
31 We believe that we provide the time and space for our pupils to be happy, and we are a place where friendships and teamwork are encouraged
32 We have created a nurturing environment where fun is balanced with good discipline and self expression is coupled with personal responsibility – a successful formula for developing well-rounded adults
33 Our pupils dedicate many hours to community service projects each year and we are very proud that our school has a very real social conscience
34 The vibrant life of the St George’s family plays out against the backdrop of a gracious Victorian home incorporating the dignity, finesse and values of a bygone era, yet modern and forward-thinking in every way
35 Grade 6 – 9 pupils and pupils taking Science in Grades 10 and 11 participate in the annual Eskom Expo for Young Scientists
36 St George’s is a great place to grow in a nurturing environment that fosters creativity and development
37 A low pupil / staff ratio allows our dedicated teachers to adopt a highly supportive role in developing the full potential and positive self image of each individual
38 A keen sense of responsibility and commitment is nurtured from the outset
39 Emphasis on individuality, independent thought and decision making
40 Learning is fun at our Pre-Preparatory; children blossom and grow into independent learners
41 The introduction of iPads has made technology available to all during the whole school day, providing a variety of ways to encourage learning.
42 St George’s is fully accredited by ISASA, the Independent Schools of South Africa Association
43 Accredited by Umaluzi, Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education Training – Accreditation number 15SCH01 00111
44 Starting in Grade 3, private music lessons are available during and after the school day
45 We have seven dedicated music teachers, who teach a variety of musical instruments
46 Prep pupils have the opportunity to audition and take part in the Drama Department’s major production every other year
47 Parents and guardians are an important part of our School community and educating your child is a partnership between school and home. All parents/guardians are automatically members of our Parents’ Association
48 iPads, Google Apps … our Prep School’s technology programme puts innovative tools and integrated technology into the hands of our youngest students
49 Technology is infused into every corner of the curriculum; each Prep classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard interactive teaching tool
50 At St George’s, learning takes place in and out of the classroom, including visits to the beach, hikes, game parks, nature reserves, museums, factory production lines and more!
51 We go out of our way to create a safe environment where children can be themselves
52 Our Grade 7 pupils and Matric pupils are given increased responsibilities and fulfil a variety of leadership roles
53 The heart of our school, Knockfierna, is a historically listed building
54 St George’s welcomes international students from all over the world and embraces the diversity this brings to our School community
55 Whilst St George’s has eagerly embraced technology, we are also a school steeped in tradition. These traditions connect us to our past and remind us of the generations who have studied here before us and contributed to the school as we know it today
56 Our drama students have the opportunity of entering the Trinity College, London Speech and Drama Examinations and Eisteddfods
57 The library at the Arts & Media Centre encourages intellectual discovery and a lifelong love of reading
58 Our Grades 3 – 12 pupils have many opportunities to experience a variety of sport codes
59 Since children learn best through seeing and doing, we teach using hands-on projects, role-playing and peer collaborations
60 Our quest is for all children to feel at home and to encourage them to be active learners with the emphasis on encouraging self-motivation, self-discipline and self-directed learning
61 Our core business is to encourage our children to be voluntarily active in a dynamic learning society and to equip them with the skills and knowledge; cognitive and cultural, social and linguistic, that has power and salience in the world
62 The cornerstones that we embrace and guide our children towards acquiring for themselves are the principles of: success, accountability, inquiring attitudes, fostering of a positive self-image and high aspirations
63 We offer Aftercare in our Pre-Preparatory and Junior Preparatory in a happy, positive and cheerful environment
64 All pupils in Grades 1 – 8 participate in Speech and Drama lessons within the curriculum timetable
65 Our Outreach programmes strive to build a culture of service and social responsibility at St George’s by teaching our pupils the value of giving back to the community and helping them realise the positive impact they can have on the world around them
66 Our Physical Education lessons focus on practical physical and mass participation in movement activities for enjoyment and enrichment to promote good health
67 Mentor groups for pupils in Grades 4 to 7, which operate within our House system
68 We provide opportunities to participate in our school productions or help backstage
69 We offer a well planned play and educational environment. We concentrate on the social development of the child. To develop communication skills. Children learn through play.
70 We assess our success as teachers by ensuring our school is characterised by happy children.
71 Allowing every child the freedom to express themselves and develop as individuals, not as just a number in the classroom. We encourage uniqueness!
72 Our children come to school happy and leave fulfilled and content
73 Your child will be known and appreciated. Our teachers personally invest in getting to know each and every child
74 Your child has the opportunity to benefit from the brain stimulation and EQ associated with playing a musical instrument from an early age.
75 Children can experience the special moments of making music together in the band, the string group and the choir.
76 At St George’s Prep we believe in offering a well rounded extra-mural program
77 St George’s is a Google Apps for Education School
78 St George’s is characterised by the enduring qualities of warmth and friendliness.
79 Kindness, mutual respect and strong moral values create a lasting foundation for life and learning.
80 There is something magical about St George’s that sets it apart.  It’s not just the exceptional teaching and the beautiful surroundings, it’s the joy of watching the children who come here flourish and grow