Good morning, parents, teachers and fellow pupils. A very warm welcome to this assembly in honour of the Grade 7s of 2019. My name is Diya Gajjar and accompanying me today is Ben Ristow. Ben and I are very proud to have been at St George’s since we started pre-school. St George’s has been our home away from home for as long as we can remember and it is with mixed emotions that we stand before you today to commemorate our Grade 7 year.

Being a small school, we have made strong and lasting friendships. We have played together, learned together, laughed together, won and lost together. We have made memories that will last forever. Next year marks the beginning of a new chapter as we move on to different high schools. So before we part ways, Ben and I would like to mention the highlights of our Grade 7 year.


Our time as a grade 7 group started at the end of last year when we attended an inspiring leadership camp at Addo Adrenaline. Hopefully all of you sitting here would also get the experience of going to leadership camp as it will be one of your highlights at your time at St George’s.

Besides learning about leadership we also had fun on Africa’s longest zip line and a giant swing! We all got to know each other and were ready to tackle grade 7 year together as the new leaders. We knew the grade 7 year would be tough, but also exciting. We bonded with our future grade 7 teachers and got to know them as well. They gave us our first major team and leadership challenge at the campy when they made us build our own tents to sleep in! Lucky for some people, it didn’t rain!

In the first term this year our annual grade 7 camp took place at a different venue in Addo. During this camp we learned how to cope with the demands of grade 7 and we got to bond within our classes. This is the longest camp at St Georges Prep where you go for 4 days and 3 nights. The main theme of this camp was based on working together as a team in everything we do. As this saying goes “working alone you will go faster, but working as a team you go further.”


The Grade 7’s have the opportunity to become young entrepreneurs for a day on Business Day. We set up a market at Diya school with various stalls. We work in groups and go through all the steps involved in starting a new business. This year was definitely one of the best Business Days we’ve had. It took lots of hard work and planning outside of school time but everyone had fun.

We learnt to apply what we were taught in EMS but most importantly we learnt about team-work, and the effort that goes into running a business. We also got a monetary reward from the profits that we generated. Business Day is definitely a highlight of the Grade 7 year and lots of fond memories were made.


The Soapbox derby is an event that took place in October and is one of the longest running traditions at the school.  This is when all the houses at St Georges come face to face in a go carting race, but this is not just any race and is one of the most fiercely competed activities of the year. Each house had the challenge of building their own carts. The key aspect was to make sure that it could move easily and as we learned while building them, that’s not always so easy to achieve.

Eventually, every house produced a well made go cart. Each cart had to be painted or decorated in a way that symbolizes your house. I must congratulate all the teams who built and decorated their carts as they really looked awesome.

The race took place all around St Georges Prep’s ground.  There was a very festive vibe as the whole school came to watch this event take place. This year the race was very exciting. Well done to the Stevens house on winning this event.


St Georges Prep has a close relationship with a private School in the United Kingdom and for the last few years our pupils have had the opportunity to take part in an exchange programme. We first met the pupils from Holmewood House in March when they were hosted by seven of our pupils and attended school here. Our pupils then went over in September. Spending two weeks away from home seems a  long time but the group, under the supervision of Ms Seaman, flourished during their stay.

This is a very special opportunity to experience school and home life in a foreign country. Our pupils also toured in and around London, going to Broadway, seeing Buckingham Palace and going on the London Eye. It is definitely a highlight of the Grade 7 year and something future Grade 7s should aspire to.


Earlier this week, we had one of our happiest and saddest events as a Grade 7 class, our leavers dinner. We reminisced about our special times at the school. Many of us have been together for the last 5 to 7 years. But what a special occasion it was to celebrate with our parents, friends and teachers.

The speeches at this event were so deep and made us remember how special our grade is. It is the saddest thing to say goodbye to people that we have been with forever.

Thank you to all the people involved for making this night special. The decorations were out of this world. Our theme this year was carnival and was so lovely and colourful. I would also like to thank all the people that prepared the delicious food.


I would now like to pay tribute to our teachers. Teachers play such an important role in guiding us, motivating us and teaching us about life in general. A special thank you to Miss Seaman and Mr Carter who were our grade teachers this year.

Miss Seaman, you are a kind and caring teacher who teaches from the heart. You always go the extra mile in everything that you do. We will always be your chickens.

Mr Carter, we will always remember you singing in the classroom. You always have music trivia or a story to share. High five to you! Theodore Hertzel is lucky to have you next year.

Mr Glover, you make maths exciting and alive ! You are an  amazing teacher (on steroids). We will always remember you singing outside the classroom.

Mr Peltenburg, you remember the words to nursery rhymes and songs we’ve long forgotten. You taught us to look at things from different perspectives. We wish you all the best in your new school next year.

Juffrou Scholtz, you have been with us since grade 5. You are a diligent teacher who always pushes us to do our best. We will think of you all the way to matric.

Teacher Lakazi you are a caring teacher who makes the classroom a happy place. Thank you.

Miss Clarke, you are a kind and gentle teacher who cares deeply about everyone. All your hard work and effort is appreciated.

Mr Stamper, you have played a big part in our lives and we thank you so much for it. You have taught us to always listen to both sides of a story and to look at things from a different perspective.

To Mr Hall, you have filled our lives with motivation and taught us how to be great leaders. You have impacted our lives more than you think.

To our music teachers and the teachers in the arts and media center, a big thank you. We have been enriched by our time with you.

To all our teachers in previous years, our sports coaches and admin staff, thank you for your input. We are proud to be a part of the St George’s family and we hope that we make you proud going forward.

Our first day in grade 1 seems like yesterday, yet here we are at our last days of primary school.

Our pencils are tiny, our erasers are flat and our glues are empty. But our foundation is strong and our ties to St Georges are binding.