Letter from the Head of Sport

18 September 2019

Dear St George’s Family

The winter extra mural programme has been a busy one, filled with many opportunities for pupils to learn outside the classroom. From loads of League fixtures and Festivals to ending off with an amazing Spring Concert.

Our extra mural programme opens up different doors for pupils to step out of their comfort zones, into a world where team-work, commitment, dedication and a sense of pride are seen as essential life-skills.

At school we focus on the 5 Core Values and what they mean and how they influence our decision making in life.

  •         Respect
  •         Family and Fellowship
  •         Kindness
  •         Integrity
  •         Commitment

 It’s important that the way we define success on the sports fields, is not necessarily by the wins and losses column but rather by the importance of participating with commitment, respect and integrity. As a school, we are fortunate to have such dedicated and committed family who participate in all activities.  



The u9 Netball girls have enjoyed the season and have had mixed results. They have grown in confidence and learnt the importance and responsibility attached to each position on the court. Thank you for your energy and determination girls, I am proud of you! 

Mrs Hall

The u10 girls enjoyed Netball practice on Wednesday afternoons.  We often joined together with the u9 girls and played friendly matches against them. Matches took place on Thursdays and they built on their skills and learned many valuable teamwork lessons. They learnt to play as a team and can be proud of their progress throughout the Term. 

Ms Seaman 

The u11 Netball girls showed great sportsmanship and determination this season, displaying a real love for the game. It has been wonderful to watch them grow from strength to strength throughout the season.

Mrs Tanner

Our under 13 girls have shown great perseverance and determination this season. The “never-give-up” attitude has seen them grow in strength on the court and in character. There were a few highlights, but The Knysna Festival and the Woodridge Derby were certainly at the top of the list.  

Mrs Van Wyk


The u9 Girls Hockey season went very well for a very dedicated, hardworking young team. The girls are always focused and apply what they have learnt. This is a very talented little bunch of players who thrive on the skills front while having a lot of fun during matches and practice sessions.

Mrs Jennings

The u10 Girls Hockey team was an enthusiastic and committed team who braved extreme weather conditions and always gave of their best.  We ended off an enjoyable season at the St George’s Prep Mini Hockey Festival. Thank you to the parents who supported us throughout the season.

Ms Gibbon and Miss Greener

The u11 Hockey Girls have had an amazing season. We were lucky to have enough girls to field almost two teams. It was great fun that the girls were able to be exposed to both 8-a side hockey and full field 11-a side hockey which allowed for the girls to be rotated and play amongst different player abilities and strengths. The girls learnt from each other and had the opportunity to play in different positions.  Many different skills developed throughout the season, their positional play and team work on and off the field grew. The girls showed great commitment and passion at each practice and when preparing for each game. The girls’ highlights were definitely the Derby days and Festivals we played in, as the girls were more challenged on the field and were able to play more competitive hockey.

It was lovely getting to know all the girls and highlight each of their strengths and what they have improved on throughout the season.  We managed to win all our League games and were tested at times playing on uneven surfaces and playing teams still learning the rules and the game of Hockey. The girls showed true commitment to one another and great sportsmanship all season through.

I am extremely proud of each and every player and would like to commend the girls on a fantastic season. I cannot wait to see your hockey excel in the future. Each girl can be proud of themselves for embracing their different talents. I would like to thank all the parents for the help of transporting our girls to and from their matches and for the amazing support throughout the season cheering our Georgie’s on from the sidelines. We flew the St George’s flag high. 

Miss Dawson 

The u13A Girls had a busy and challenging season. We learnt from the start that hard work will pay off. The girls showed true determination and with time became a solid unit. Their overall confidence has developed and each individual player has grown in skill, basics as well as understanding the simplicity of this awesome sport. We participated in Festivals, Derby’s and the Oakhill Tour.  

A loss for us was not always a true reflection of the game and we learnt and built our knowledge together and became stronger. From a coach’s point of view, the highlight was seeing how happy and comfortable the girls were once they stepped onto an astro turf or field because they simply love playing hockey. Thank you to the parents for all your support, having that only motivates us more. I thoroughly enjoyed this season and am extremely proud of every single player in our team. Well done, girls! I will miss your energy and the sound of your cheer at the beginning of each match. 

Miss Bradfield

 The u13B Hockey Girls have played the season with enthusiasm and commitment. We may not have won every game but the girls improved and grew as a team as the season progressed.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the girls and seeing them grow in confidence as the season went on. 

Mrs Westcott

We have been fortunate enough this season to field a full B Boys team in our u11 age group. In fact, as the season progressed we have even, at times, had as many as 30 boys in the age group. This speaks directly to the work being done at a lower level to generate a passion for the game. Both teams practice together which has helped create a healthy competitive atmosphere and during the course of the season we have seen a number of boys either promoted or demoted depending on their skill set. Our focus throughout the season has been on improving the basic hockey skills of the players in our care and a firm belief that by the time they move on to the next age group they should all be able to execute the basic skills of hockey at a desirable level.

Unfortunately, when it comes to League matches the u11 Boys’ teams seem to be forgotten and matches are often cancelled by other schools and very seldom made up. Of the matches played by the u11B team in the league we have experienced mixed results. Training on facilities like Crusaders and our Astro helps us develop certain skills, but often our boys struggle on uneven or long pitches. 

In both Derby matches played this season our B team boys played relatively well and held their own. The matches were a great extension to our weekly league fixtures.

Mr Stamper

This Term has been an extremely long, jam packed season for the u13 boys, with hockey, and soccer fixtures on many days of the week and a number of festivals over the weekends.

The growth on the hockey field has been incredible, the boys have started developing 3D skill sets and looking to move the ball around with more emphasis on ball speed and patterns of play. Francois Bruggeman has scored some incredible field goals often linking up with Manu Mancapa. Ben Ristow has played an incredible role in holding the base of the team together. Ben has scored some incredible short corner routines.  Lulu Dyakala and Ethan Hayes have developed a good bond defensively working together to keep teams out of our circle.   The support from all the parents at matches has been wonderful and the boys really enjoy the support. Thank you

Mr Samboer


The u9 Boys had an exciting season with much growth throughout the season. Most notably was the interaction between the boys and the way they gelled together as a team, supporting each other at every practice and match. The soccer skills they have gained will stand them in good stead for the coming years. Well done boys and keep up the great sportsmanship you all displayed.

Mr Carter

Our u11 Boys have enjoyed the addition of Soccer as a two Term sport this year. It has allowed us to enter two teams into the League, but as with the other sports in this age group, matches were often cancelled by other schools and seldom made up. Our numbers for Soccer have been in the thirties, yet again, giving us healthy competition. Our focus has been on the basic skills set of soccer: passing, receiving, running in to space and playing the ball to a player in space.  Of the League matches played the B team had mixed results against older and more skilled teams. The League system, unfortunately, does not always match up like for like schools and teams.

Mr Stamper

On the soccer field the u13 boys have developed and grown in confidence. The PEPSA u13 League is a tough League. The boys have shown good character and determination to take every match head on.  The support from all the parents at matches has been wonderful and the boys really enjoy the support. Thank you

Mr Samboer

We have two cricket tours during the holidays: the u11A cricket side will be attending the Backward Point Festival in Knysna from Monday 23 to Thursday 26 September and the u13A cricket side will be attending the CO-ED cricket Festival in East London from Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 September.  We wish the boys the very best.

A big thank you to the PTA, Andrew Stamper and Ryan Hartel for putting together the Music Trivia evening held on Friday 13 September.  It was an evening of musical fun, enjoyed by over 100 parents, friends and teachers. Look out for more exciting events in the future!

May you all have a wonderful break with your children and we look forward to seeing you back for an exciting Fourth Term on Wednesday 2 October.

Yours sincerely

Anton Peltenburg

Head of Sport

School News

It is with great sadness that we need to inform you, that Mr Anton Peltenburg will be leaving us at the end of the fourth Term and has accepted the role of Director of Hockey at Pearson High School as of the 1st of January 2020.  Mr Peltenburg joined us in January 2017 and we thank him for all he has contributed during his time with us.  He will be sorely missed and we wish him everything of the best in his new role. 

Mr Craig Carter will be staying with us for Term 4 and will be leaving at the end of the year.  Mrs Ninette Carter of the Pre-Preparatory will continue at the Pre Prep next year as their family circumstances have changed.

We welcome back Juffrou Elrica Scholtz back from a Term’s leave and thank Mrs Liezel Ristow for covering this position for the past term in such a wonderful manner.

Grade 7 Exchange Programme

Our Grade 7 Exchange pupils have arrived at Holmewood House in Tunbridge Wells in Kent and we wish them a very happy and enjoyable fortnight on this amazing experience.  

School Matters – Term 4, 2019

School Office

The School Office and Finance Department will be closed from Friday 20 September and will reopen on Tuesday 1 October.  

Term 4 will commence on Wednesday 2 October.  

Sport, extra mural activities, the Grade 4-7 Learning Hub and Aftercare will commence from the first day back, Wednesday 2 October.  


School Uniform – Term 4


Summer uniforms are to be worn by ALL pupils on the first day of Term 4. 

Blazers are optional in summer except for school functions.  I would like to remind parents that from the first day of next Term all pupils need to wear the school’s navy wide brim hat or cap at school and for sport.  

Grade 3-7 must bring sports clothes in their tog bags and change for their afternoon activities between 13h55-14h15.  Grade 3 pupils may only wear sports kit to school on their morning PT day. This does not affect the Grade 1 and 2 pupils.  

School Shop Opening Hours – 4th Term

The School Shop will open at the following hours during the first week of Term.

School shop re-opens Tuesday 1 October 10:00-12:00

Wednesday 2 October    07:30 – 08:30 and 12:30-15:30

Thursday 3 October  07:30:20-09:00

Friday 4 October  Closed

The School Shop will then revert back to their normal opening hours:

Mondays 12h30 – 14h30

Tuesdays/Thursdays 07h30 – 09h00

Wednesdays 12h30 – 15h30

Fridays CLOSED

The Second Hand Clothing Shop has plenty of stock for the summer Term!  Their opening hours are as follows:

Wednesday 12h30 – 14h00

Thursday 07h30 – 08h30

What’s happening in first two weeks Term 4 : 2019

The d6 Communicator Calendar is kept up to date with the daily events and matches. 






Start Time



Estimated Finish

Wed 2 October

Term 4 Commences


Co-Curricular Activities commence

Thurs 3 October

Fri 4 October

Sat 5 October

Pre-Prep DIY Day


Pre-Prep parents



Mon 7 October

Cancer Awareness Month

Tues 8 October

Grade 7 Outing




Wed 9 October

Thurs 10 October

Band Performance




Fri 11 October

Gr 1+2 Swimming Splash Gala


Parents welcome



Westering T20

Sat 12 October

Westering T20

Main Events in Term 4 – Please refer to the Yearly Planner sent out today for all events for the Term

The d6 Calendar and the Newsletter (sent out every two weeks) is kept up to date with any changes to events & fixtures below. 

St George’s launches new Hockey & Netball Leagues

St George’s Prep is pleased to announce the launch of new Corporate Hockey and Netball Leagues and a U9/U11+U13 Fives Hockey League.   

Everything is provided from ball to umpire  – come and enjoy these fast-paced games – get a team together and have some fun! Men and women, boys and girls to play in mixed teams, from beginners wanting to play socially to the more competitive. What a great way to meet new people! 

We will be hosting the following 4 Leagues:

St George’s U9 4 a-side Hockey League St George’s U11 & U13 Fives Hockey League

St George’s Corporate League Netball 7 A-Side St George’s Corporate League Hockey

Please click on the following link https://www.stgeorges.co.za/events/ for further details.  Enquiries/registration email sport@stgeorges.co.za or cell: 0741339548.

“Celebrating the Arts” Visual Art Exhibition : 23-27 October 2019

St George’s Prep is hosting our sixth art exhibition “Celebrating the Arts” and invites our St George’s family and the wider Port Elizabeth community to visit the exhibition and enjoy the visual experience! 

This year our feature artist Banele Njadayi and up to 45 well-known local artists will be exhibiting at the exhibition – we do believe that this is one of the largest gatherings of well-known local artists under one roof! In addition it will also form part of the P.E. Art Meander this year. 

The “Celebrating the Arts” exhibition will take place at St George’s Preparatory School, 8 Park Drive, Port Elizabeth in the Jan Immelman Hall.  Parents are invited to the Opening Evening on Tuesday 22 October at 18h00 and the exhibition will open to the public from Wednesday 23 October to Saturday 27 October from 09h00 to 17h00 and on Sunday 27 October from 09h00 to 15h00. Please do share with family and friends! 

A peek at the Prep

We post photographs, events, announcements etc. on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram Accounts regularly – keep up to date with all that the Prep and Pre-Prep get up to – click on the links below and like, follow and share!



And they are off, UK Exchange 2019- London here we come!

A wonderful morning at Kingswood for our athletes taking part in the Independent schools athletics!

Open Book Hour – Junior Prep parents were invited to spend an hour with their child in their class, view their books & do a fun activity together. The children really enjoyed having their parents at school.

The finished product … the Grade 6’s made their Lavender infused Lotion and their own uniquely designed labels.

The finished product … the Grade 6’s made their Lavender infused Lotion and their own uniquely designed labels.

Wonderful weekend of football at the Grey Festival for our U11 and U13 boys!

Animal Welfare Drive – Over the years, St George’s Prep has been an ongoing supporter of Animal Welfare Society (Port Elizabeth). We would like to thank all our families for their AMAZING donations during our collection drive / awareness week 19 to Friday 23 August. On 6 September, the Grade 5’s visited Animal Welfare to deliver all the goodies and spend time with the animals.

The ‘Bookface’ Photograph Competition open to our Senior Preppies during Reading Week attracted some awesome entries – well done to all the entrants for their creative entries!

A lot of spirit at our Junior Prep Fun Races Day last week.

Reading Week : 2-6 September 2019

Wow we have amazing talented children at our school! Well done to all our artists, musicians, choirs, drama students & teachers – The Spring Concert was a fabulous evening!

A peek at the Prep

Out with the old and in with the new! Our Pre-Preppies are delighted with their new mud kitchen

Book week dress up day, what lovely book characters we had!