Sport at St George’s Prep

Aug 23, 2019

Sports speech

2018 has been an exciting year in sports terms we have played in over 25 different festivals and entered 20 different leagues. 

There have been numerous sports events throughout the year such as Athletics day and the Cross country trail race in which many people excelled in both events. We have also toured all around the country in places such as Durban Knysna and Pietermaritzburg. 

A number of pupils were also selected for EP Sports like hockey cricket water polo biathlon and soccer to name just a few.

This shows that even though St Georges is a small school we are getting our name out there and our coaches are doing the right thing. Another thing that St Georges does very well is making sure that every single pupil can do as many sports as possible before they have start specialising in one sport or stop to pursue other hobbies. Like if I didn’t go to St Georges I probably would never of played hockey or water polo which are two sports that I really enjoy now. 

To end this speech off I would like to talk about the great opportunity that sport at St Georges has provided for us grade sevens. I know there are a lot of grade sevens sitting here as well as plenty of other pupils sitting in this room that want to become a sportsman or do something in line with sports like studying bio kinetics or other things like that. Many people may think that these dreams are silly and they say that you must go with your next choice but I want to tell you guys and girls that St Georges has put us in a great position to become the best sportsman and woman that we can be.

Thank  you