Dear St George’s Family

Athletes first, Winning second!!!

It’s become evident and sad to say that today’s primary school sport system seems to be plagued with the mindset of winning at all costs.  We have noticed it more and more on the sports front. This is either because winning is a coach’s only objective or the outside pressures and influences of ranking systems, results driven parents, bragging rights and scholarships are coming into play. The mentality of “Winning first, Athlete second”, results in over-training, burnout, exhaustion, injuries, cheating and possibly the worst scenario which is clearly evident in South African sports systems at the moment, athletes are quitting sports between the ages of 15 – 18 years old. There definitely seems to be an overlap of seasons even in primary school sports system as this winning first mentality creeps in, a number of sports have implemented programmes where their season doesn’t ever end.  Gone are the days where junior athletes pack away their summer sports kit for the winter season.

St George’s Prep is a small school in comparison to our local schools and we try our best to compete at every level.  Most importantly, as a Sports Department, we strive to ensure that we put the child first. Our process is about building a solid foundation for every child. We are adapting and changing our programme to ensure that we develop confident young athletes with skill sets to take on any challenge. This is through offering an excellent programme, where all our coaches focus on “Athlete first; Winning second” mentality. Our process might not show immediate results, but over the 10 years we work with our little athletes we are starting to establish individualised plans focusing on core strength, fitness, posture, spatial awareness and problem solving in any game related situation. We have seen a trend where through establishing a good foundation and allowing our athletes to work through our system the progression is incredible. We are very competitive at an u13 level with schools we shouldn’t really be able to compete against as they have 100-150 pupils to choose from and we have 15-30.  

As a Sports Department we have made sure that success is related to commitment and effort.  Later on in their schooling career, athletes have complete control over the amount of effort they give, but they have only limited control of the outcome that is achieved. We have tried to emphasis to our athletes that commitment is key. By teaching them this skill of doing their best and giving it maximum effort, we are giving them a priceless gift that will assist them in many of life’s tasks.

“The only successful youth sports programme is the one with the coach who will accept losing along with winning, last place in the League along with first place, and still be able to congratulate his team for their efforts”( Roger Staubach)

Striving to Win

If we recognise this as a process that we want to adopt “Athlete first, Winning second” mind set, this doesn’t mean we don’t categorise winning as unimportant.  Striving to win should be the objective of any athlete.

Vince Lombardi’s famous quote “winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing” was misinterpreted by the press.  Lombardi went on to clarify “the spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur”.


Kind regards

Anton Peltenburg



School Office

The Prep School and Finance offices will be closed from 11h00 on Wednesday 20 March and will re-open on Wednesday 10 April 2019.

School Shop:

The School Shop will open on Wednesday 10 April from 07h30 – 09h00.  Normal Shop hours follow.

Change-over to Winter Uniform

Pupils will start Term 2 in their summer uniforms.  Change-over to winter uniform will be from Thursday 2 May.

School Uniform – Term 2

Please note that Grades 3-7 pupils are expected to wear full school uniform to school.  No pupils in these Grades are permitted to wear school tracksuits to school. Pupils must bring sports clothes in their tog bags and change for their afternoon activities between 13h55-14h15.

Grade 3 pupils may only wear their tracksuits to school on a PT morning.

Please note that this does not affect the Grade 1 and 2 pupils.  



SANBS Blood Bus at St George’s Prep – Thursday 11 April 2019
from 13h00 to 15h00
The next Blood Bus at St George’s Prep will be on Thursday 11 April 2019
from 13h00 to 15h00.   

Please donate blood and give 3 complete strangers another chance at life. 

It’s not just blood.  It’s a lifetime waiting to be lived. 

SANBS rely on your support.


Sports Results


Hannah Stiglingh on achieving a Golds, 2 Silver and a Bronze at the Edgemead Feis Irish Dancing Competition in Cape Town.

Jessica Tanner and Stacey Leer for completing the River Mile.

Winter Sporting Criteria – Please take NOTE

Grade 1 – 2:

Please take note all our pupils will be involved in numerous activities in the winter season. It is compulsory for ALL Grade 1 and 2 pupils to have their own hockey stick. The Sports Department is able to source good junior sticks, please send us an email if you require any help.

Grade 3 – 7 girls:

All girls in this Grade category are expected to play one main winter sport. This may include either hockey or netball.

Grade 3 – 7 boys:

All boys in this Grade category are expected to play one main winter sport. This may include either hockey or soccer.

Rugby will not be offered in the afternoon; we will be coaching rugby skills during the PE lessons, and this is so that all the boys acquire these skills.  Boys will still play a few Sevens and Tens matches against Woodridge, Hermitage House and Oakhill.


The following clothing items and safety equipment are required for winter sports. All items will be available to purchase from the school shop.  

Please ensure your child has the correct clothing and equipment for all sessions.

 Mouthguards and Shinpads are compulsory for all hockey sessions and matches for all age groups.


The d6 Communicator is kept up to date with the daily fixtures.

What’s happening in April Term 2 : 10 – 30 April 2019




Start Time



Estimated Finish

Wed 10 April

Term 2



Grade 1 – 7 Sport and Extra Murals Commence

Thurs 11 April

SANBS Blood Bus


Come & Save a Life!


Opening of Soccer Season Festivals


More information to follow


Friday 12 April

PTA Meeting


Class Moms

Hutchinson Hall


Sun 14 April

Grade 7 UK Exchange Programme Pupils arrive from Holmewood House (14-28 April)

Wed 17 April

Welcome Wednesday Open Morning


All Welcome

To book a Tour, email: marketing@stgeorges.co.za


Thurs 18 April

Pre-Prep Easter Celebration

Fri 19 April

Good Friday (Public Holiday – School Closed)

Sun 21 April

Easter Sunday

Mon 22 April

Family Day (Public Holiday – School Closed)

Tues 23 April

Wed 24 April

Grade 5 Outing




Thurs 25 April

U12 + u13 Netball Festival in Knysna (25-28 April)

Fri 26 April

St George’s Day Celebrations

09h55 :                St George’s Day Assembly – Parents welcome

10h45 – 12h45 : Prep Fun Morning

13h00:                 School Closes

                             Aftercare will be as normal

U12 + u13 Netball Festival in Knysna (25-28 April)

Sat 27 April

Freedom Day – Public Holiday

U12 + u13 Netball Festival in Knysna (25-28 April)

Sun 28 April

U12 + u13 Netball Festival in Knysna (25-28 April)

Grade 7 UK Exchange Programme Pupils from Holmewood House Depart (14-28 April)


The full Term 2 Calendar (Year Planner) will be sent out to parents which will include all activities/functions for the Term and the Year (please note that some dates will be subject to change).  
Below are listed some main events for Term 2.


We post photographs, events, announcements etc. on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram Accounts regularly – keep up to date with all that the Prep and Pre-Prep get up to – click on the links below and like, follow and share!

The Green Guardians working hard in the school veggie garden 

Grade 1 & 2 boys are very excited to be meeting

so many South African cricketers at St George’s Park Cricket Ground

Grade 6’s finding a quiet place for “dialoog lees”

Thank you to our musicians who treated us to  Music on the Magic Lawn this Term at breaktime

Grade 6 Natural Science … first the taste test followed by the scientific method for testing for starch

Grade 7’s creating plant and animal cells during Natural Science.

The Grade 7’s working with the sphero balls in Technology

Art in action at the Prep 🎨 … working at the pottery wheel and making masks from paper Mache

Our Grade The Hope Jones Foundation ambassadors recently visited Aurora and had a wonderful time interacting with the children 

Well done to all our swimmers who took part in the “Top 8 Gala” this Term

Our boys and girls had a busy weekend on the Clarendon Park Astro opening Festival!

We are very proud of our Strings ensemble who played this Term at Collegiate High School for Girls.


The Pre-Prep children enjoyed a visit from Save-A-Pet who shared how we should love and care for our pets.

The children also donated pet food to the organisation.

A fun beach outing for our Grade R’s including a talk about water safety by the Lifeguards