My Journey at St George’s – By Diya Gajjar

Mar 13, 2019

Good morning and welcome prospective grade 1 parents of 2020. My name is Diya Gajjar and I am proud to be a grade 7 learner St George’s Prep.

I have been a part of the St George’s family since I began schooling at the Pre-Primary. Starting big school was not scary at all. I had been well prepared because of the interaction between learners and teachers at various school events. I worked my way up from learning to read and write to learning to solve for x in algebra in grade 7.  My classes have always been small and I feel that my teachers knew me well. Every child had a voice and was encouraged to give off their best.

St George’s has offered me many opportunities in the classroom and beyond. In the Foundation phase I went on regular outings to SAMREC, Bayword, to the beach and surrounding nature reserves. In Grade 4 I experienced my first overnight camp. Over the grades more nights were spent away on camp but also on sports tours. In grade 6 I had a leadership camp and this year I could choose to take part in a two-week school exchange programme in London. However, the confidence and independance that is required as you become a senior is built slowly over many years. Every child develops a personal relationship with the teachers. We are guided every step of the way. This is not something that you receive at every school. 

We learn computers from the very start and by the time you reach Grade 4 Ipads are compulsory. We learn via Google Classroom and communicate with our teachers via email. We even have electronic textbooks. Every year we write the national KNET computer exams. The smartboards and newly designed classrooms make St Georges very special. However, the library is still an important part of our school. It is part of the newly built Carol Arts and Media Centre, along with the art and drama studios. As a learner at St Georges, I’ve attended extra-art lessons in the afternoons and taken part in school productions that have won local Showcase awards. Once again, it all happened in small steps. In the Foundation phase, I took part in the annual Nativity Play. In grade 2 I learnt recorder. Then I learnt violin. Now I learn piano and sing in the senior choir.

At St Geoge’s we are very fortunate to have many facilites. We are lucky to have sporting access to the Union fields, the cricket stadium, PE Lawn Tennis Club and our very own astroturf. On the sport field we don’t focus on winning but how we win or lose the game. Teamwork is emphasized daily beause in real world you have to mix with all types of people. At St Georges everyone plays sport and is part of a team. I would never had these chances in a bigger school. 

My personal interest lies in academics. St Georges encourages every child’s worth with an award at prize-giving. The teachers give us individual attention and are always available if we need extra help. St Georges aims to produce well-rounded learners who take part in all spheres of school life. Outreach is important and the school supports many charities. I am currently an ambassador of the Hope Jones Foundation that raises awareness about children with disabilities.

My day-to-day life at St Georges is super-busy from choir practice, to monitor duties, to playing league sport in the afternoons. However, every morning I wake up happy, ready to begin a new day. St George’s is the place where every child has a place. I have made strong friendships and learnt values that I know are going to help me in the future. I hope that you have been encouraged by my speech – that your child will grow and excel as part of the St Georges family. 

Thank You