My Journey at St George’s – By Ben Ristow

Mar 13, 2019

Prospective Grade 1 parents

Good morning parents and teachers.
My name is Ben Ristow and I’ve been at St Georges a long time. I
started in 2011 in Grade 0. I think I’ve actually been here longer than
some of the teachers, so I really do know this awesome school really
There are many things that I love about St Georges Prep. I have many
special memories both in the classroom and on the sports field. I
actually think that’s one of the best things about St Georges in that it
really does promote being a good all rounder.
I love the technology that we use in the classroom and the innovative
and fun ways that we learn. I love using iPads in class and have learnt
so much about technology because of this.
I play every sport possible and in my time at St Georges sport has really
developed. Just this term I have played cricket, waterpolo and tennis
and in winter I’ll be doing hockey, soccer and rugby. We have excellent
coaches and we play really nice matches.
We compete really well considering the size of our school and our
school has produced many fine sports boys and girls. On top of that I
have been on some really exciting tours. My best tours have been going
to the independent festival for hockey in the Natal Midlands and the
waterpolo chukka festival in Knysna. Yes, we play really competitive
matches, but the emphasis is on fun and the tours are about way more
than just the matches.
So, I can tell you that by choosing St Georges you will become part of a
special family and you will get many opportunities to develop your
talents whatever they may be.