Dear St George’s Family Welcome back to what is promising to be yet another fun filled and exciting year here at St George’s Prep and Pre-Prep for all our boys and girls.  It is hard to believe that the children have only been back at school for 8 days, it certainly does feel longer. We hope that all our Grade 000 boys and girls are settling down well into their new environment and that our Grade 1’s are already starting to feel familiar in and around “Big School” now?  It was wonderful to join the Grade 1’s during their ‘Teddy Bear’ orientation picnic on the Daverin Field this morning. I was introduced to a myriad of wonderful Teddy’s, all unique in their own rights, much like our wonderful boys and girls. I also have had the privilege these past three days to get out of the office and visit our Senior Prep children on their various camps.  The school certainly has been quiet the past two days with only the Junior Prep present.  On arrival at all the camps, it certainly was evident that the children were exceptionally happy and the joy of learning outside of the classroom certainly was tangiable. So my few take-outs from this week’s outings are:
  • Children often flourish amoungst themselves without too much interference from adults.
  • Children happily engage with one another to try to resolve common challenges.
  • Children, when released into nature, generally care less about brands, image, social status, and dare I say it, the digital world.
  • Children engage more openly with their teachers in this more “less formal” environment.
  • Children are also exposed to food, activities and skills that perhaps ordinarily they wouldn’t usually be.
  • Children often thrive when challeged and aksed to try something out of their usual comfort zone.
  • Children innately help their peers and collaborate positively with each other.
  • Self-guided learning and learning from mistakes is transformational for children
  • New friendships are formed and new pupils soon feel welcomed into their new school family.
This list could go on, as could this Newsletter, but hopefully all our boys and girls will return from camp today, far better for it than they were perhaps yesterday. May 2019 and particular our first Term be a happy and successful one for us all! Kind regards Alex Hall – Campus Head Twitter- @AlexHallZA  Linkedin- za.linkedin.com/in/alexhallza Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/AlexHallZA


It is with great sadness to hear about the loss of one of our Grade 5 parents, Vuyo-lwethu Mququ.  All of us at St George’s Prep send our heartfelt condolences to Mzuvukile and his daughter Khanani.  Vuyo-lwethu will be sorely missed and we will keep the family in our prayers.


2nd Hand School Shop – Volunteer Needed

The 2nd Hand School Shop are looking for another volunteer to help run the Shop.  The 2nd Hand Shop is open on a Wednesday from 12h30 to 14h00 and on a Thursday from 07h30 – 08h30.  A volunteer would need to work one of these opening hours.  If you are interested, please email the School Secretary at prep@stgeorges.co.za

St George’s Way Parent Handbook 2019

The St George’s Way Parent Handbook is updated annually and explains many of the policies, procedures and organisational aspects adopted at St George’s Preparatory. The entries are presented in alphabetical order to assist in the easy location of relevant information (from procedures on Absences to Visitors, IT Policy, School Shop uniform pricing, etc). Please refer to the d6 Communicator – RESOURCES – 2019 St George’s Way Parent Handbook – “Prep/Pre-Prep St George’s Way Parent Handbook 2019” We encourage ALL parents, new and old, to please browse through the Handbook to ensure you are up-to-date on the policies, procedures and organisational aspects for 2019.

“Coffee on the go!”

Groundfloor Café is now based at the Prep gate on MacIntosh Road (by Music Department) weekdays from 07h15 to 08h00 and 12h00 to 14h30

Traffic: Security Guards and Traffic Monitors

The School provides two security guards at the Prep and one at the Pre-Prep daily who are based at the main front gate on Park Drive, the back gate on McIntosh Road and one outside the Pre-Prep.  On numerous occasions last year the security guards and our traffic monitors were asked by parents to either take their child’s forgotten school bag to the office, or to collect a child from Aftercare.  Please understand that the Security Guards and traffic monitors may not go on personal errands to classrooms as they need to man the points that they are responsible for. Please respect our Security Guards and Traffic Monitors (Thando and David) if they ask you to move your vehicle due to our traffic regulations not being followed.  On numerous occasions their requests have been ignored and they have been addressed to rather rudely. You will also have noticed that we have 20km/h signs on MacIntosh Road and we would strongly request that these are abided to by all drivers.  We are still very concerned with the manner in which many drivers speed on our Campus.


SANBS Blood Bus at St George’s Prep

Thursday 31 January 2019 from 13h00 to 15h00 A reminder that the next Blood Bus at St George’s Prep will be on Thursday 31 January 2019 from 13h00 to 15h00.   Please donate blood and give 3 complete strangers another chance at life.  It’s not just blood.  It’s a lifetime waiting to be lived.  SANBS rely on your support.

SAVE THE DATE – Annual Family Camp Out 2019

Friday 22 February 2019 Camp Out time is here again this Term! Our annual Family Camp Out provides a lovely opportunity for St George’s families (Pre-Prep and Prep) to get-together and for parents and children to enjoy a fun social evening.   Detailed information will be sent out shortly.


School Events: 25 January to 9 February 2019
Day Team Start Time Opposition Venue Estimated Finish
Sat 26 January B League Gala 08h30   Newton Park ±12h30
Mon 28 January          
Tues 29 January Gr 7 House Captain Speeches 07h45     08h30
Wed 30 January Grade 3-7 Inter-House Swimming Gala 14h00 Parents welcome Aquatic Centre 17h00
Thurs 31 January SANBS Blood Drive 13h00 By Flag Pole at Prep School 15h00
Fri 1 February Final Day for orders for Class, Individual & Sibling Orders – NO LATE ORDERS CAN BE ACCEPTED
Pre-Prep Family Fun Evening 18h00   Pre-Prep 20h00
Sat 2 February Cricket vs Kingswood (Away)
C League Gala (u9-u13) 08h00   VP Grey/Sunridge ±12h30
Mon 4 February Grade 2H Rock Pool Outing tba     tba
Grade 6 Wetland Study 10h00     13h40
Tues 5 February Individual, Class and Sibling Photographs 08h00 Closing date for orders – Fri 1 Feb 11h00
Wed 6 February Gr 2D Rock Pool Outing tba      
Oakhill Chukka Waterpolo Festival in Knysna (u13A) – 6-9 February 2019
Thurs 7 February Grade 2T Rock Pool Outing tba      
Oakhill Chukka Waterpolo Festival in Knysna (u13A) – 6-9 February 2019
Fri 8 February Gr 5W Love Story 08h00 Old Fire House on Albany Road 09h00
Oakhill Chukka Waterpolo Festival in Knysna (u13A) – 6-9 February 2019
Sat 9 February U9 Cricket Festival tba Old Mill, Fort Beaufort  
Oakhill Chukka Waterpolo Festival in Knysna (u13A) – 6-9 February 2019

Important Dates for Term 1