Letter from the campus head

Dear St George’s Family

Recently I came across this tweet on my twitter feed:

I really did fail to see the educational merit or purpose of such a tweet, so of course the headmaster in me came out and I retweeted with a comment, “Seriously @PrimSchoolRugby where is the educational purpose in this? Retweet if you agree!”  A mild twitter war broke out and as per usual the nasty side of Social Media reared its ugly head. We are all innately competitive and I am pleased I won the twitter battle with 10 retweets to their 9 retweets, clearly I joke, as to try and create a bit of humour in amongst all this madness.  This too is something else it seems some of us have forgotten about with regards to Prep Sport.

I was further disturbed to see that this same twitter handle is ranking U11 and U13 Primary School rugby teams using their “actuarial system” they claim to have built. Of course any system is only as good as its data, so a ranking system like this will only reflect those schools whose results are submitted or known (this sadly is often out of the hands of the Schools even, as opposition schools may tweet/share results and others not, or twitter handles like these may troll school accounts or be informed by outsiders) – this of course makes one think even further. I have now written enough as I usually do, but I felt it poignant to share with you an extract of Mr Peltenburg’s recent Board Report, as this certainly does give me great hope and I firmly believe we are on the right track preparing our pupils here at St George’s Prep and Pre-Prep.

“This Winter season has been a journey, similar to the challenge cyclists face when tackling the Col d’Izoard, “The Izoard is interminable… just when you think you have mastered it, at the exact moment when you are about to let out a sigh of relief, it throws up a new rise that would stop a mule in its tracks”.

We have reached the summit; winter season has drawn to an end. We still face the questions and challenges. Is winning a priority? How much sport must a child play? How many teams must we enter in various leagues? Should sports be compulsory? Should we have a rotation policy?

Recently returning from the Independent Sports Conference where the discussions were focused around specialisation in sports and the development of well-rounded humans rather than athletes. We discussed Bob Bigalows book called; “Just let the Kids play”; and looked at documentation regarding let kids be kids. #letkidsbekids.

In this book “they explain the controversial belief that elite teams at young ages should be abolished and replaced with equal playing time, team parity and shortened seasons, among others. Soccer moms and hockey dads will discover that it really is possible to sleep in on Saturdays without sacrificing their child’s future!”

We are not perfect at St George’s Prep – we haven’t mastered coaching, however, one thing is for certain, we are definitely on the right track as we offer an inclusive programme where everyone is encouraged to get involved. Another thing I have learnt coaching the u13A girls this hockey season, no matter what the score, they had the right attitude to never give up and learn while having fun. What is incredible, and highlights the school we are, is that most of these girls are in the choir, play a musical instrument, dance, swim, and play numerous others sports and don’t forget happen to be top academics.

Human first, sportsman second, we have developed a group of young adults who will be confident to take on any challenge; they have experienced different sports, which will allow them to make the correct choices in high school. If specialisation is on the cards, it’s now at an age where their bodies and minds can deal with the pressure. Primary school sport is about opportunity and growth, fun and making friends while learning new skills. #Letthekidsbe. #Letthekidsplay”

As Tim Noakes once wrote, “Children are not immature adults.  Not only do they lack the physical strength and maturity of adults but, more importantly, they lack the psychological attributes and desires of adults.  To become adults they must first travel a difficult journey to physical and psychological maturation.  Competitive sport can be either an effective vehicle – or it can be a destructive force that may leave psychological scars.”

May you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope you have got your tickets for our amazing Show, “Into the Woods”, for next week!

Kind regards
Alex Hall – Campus Head 
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What’s happening in the last two weeks of Term 3 - (School Events: 17-28 September 2018)
Day Team Start Time Opposition Venue Estimated Finish
Saturday 15 Sept Production Rehearsals 09h00 Jan Immelman Hall 12h30
Monday 17 Sept All Grade 1 girls & seleted Grade 2 Girls’ Friendly Hockey Matches 13h30 Girls will be transported to and from Collegiate by school bus Collegiate 15h30
Grade 5-7

Girls Waterpolo Trials

14h15 By school bus Grey 15h15
Grade 1 & 2 School Sport continues until Thursday, however, no Extra Art, Spotlight Drama, Judo etc

Grade 3-7 Sport & Extra Murals have ended

Grade 4 – 7 Workshops as normal this week

Tuesday 18 Sept Grade 5-7

Girls Waterpolo Trials

14h15 SGP Pool 15h15
Wednesday 19 Sept Into the Woods Junior Production 11h30 SOLD OUT Jan Immelman Hall 13h00
  Into the Woods Junior Production 18h00 Jan Immelman Hall 19h30
Thursday 20 Sept Last Day of Grade 1 and 2 Sport
Into the Woods Junior Production 11h30 SOLD OUT Jan Immelman Hall 13h00
Into the Woods Junior Production 18h00 Jan Immelman Hall 19h30
Friday 21 Sept Into the Woods Junior Production 11h30 SOLD OUT Jan Immelman Hall 13h00
Into the Woods Junior Production 18h00 Jan Immelman Hall 19h30
Saturday 22 Sept St George’s Grade 7 UK Exchange depart for Holmewood House
Tuesday 25 Sept Grade 4-7 Workshops continue – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Wednesday 26 Sept Grade 4-7 Workshops continue – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Thursday 27 Sept Grade 4-7 Workshops continue – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
U13 Co-Ed Cricket Festival (27-29 September) – Home
Friday 28 Sept Pre-Prep Sports Day 08h30 Daverin Field 09h30
Final Assembly 10h00 Jan Immelman Hall 11h00
TERM 3 ENDS 11h00 No Aftercare Pls pick up your child promptly
U13 Co-Ed Cricket Festival (27-29 September) – Home
Saturday 29 Sept U13 Co-Ed Cricket Festival (27-29 September) – Home
Wednesday 10 October TERM 4 COMMENCES

Grade 1 – 7 Sport and Extra Murals Commence

TICKETS FOR “Into the Woods, Junior” –  Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 September 2018

We are all very excited about the upcoming Prep Production of “Into the Woods Junior”.  It is a wonderful story that will be sure to delight!

The Show, consisting of approximately 100 Prep pupils, runs from Wednesday 19 September to Friday 21 September with performances at 11h30 and 18h00 daily in the Jan Immelman Hall.  (The morning shows are already sold out).

To avoid disappointment, please book your tickets, at R50 per person from the Prep School office. Bring your family and friends and enjoy an evening out.

“Into The Woods Junior” features all of your favourite characters – Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (and his beanstalk) and the Witch in this lyrically rich retelling of classic Brothers Grimm fables. The musical centers on a baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King’s festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a witch’s curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse and wind up changed forever”.  

Book your tickets now and enjoy the Show!