Dear St George’s Family

Whilst today may be the shortest day of the year, this Term certainly has been a very full 11 weeks and I know all our boys and girls, and dare I say it, the staff, are really looking forward to our mid-year winter break!  We certainly do have much to be proud of this past Term and the build-up to our St George’s Fair and the event itself surely must be the culmination of so many of our successes this past Term.  Words simply just cannot thank Mrs Kelly Naidoo and her PA team for all the hard work and many hours that went into making this year’s Fair the success it was, thank you, Kelly!  Whilst the weather may have been cold and blustery, the Fair was warm and vibrant and exceptionally well attended this year.  It really is a wonderful time for the St George’s family to come together and for outsiders to experience our special school.

Term 2 certainly has been busy and I would like to thank all our staff for their dedication and service and our parent body for your magnificent support! As these short days run by and our Term almost comes to an end, it is always a good time to reflect and to observe and appreciate all we have done.


  • Outreach: Thank you to the Pre-Prep families for their support towards the ‘Bags of Hope’ initiative.  The Pre-Prep have a substantial collection to hand over to the outreach programme to help women in crisis.  In Term 3 and 4 we will be making up Toddler/Baby Bags of Hope.
  • Outings & events: The children have attended some wonderful outings, the highlight being a trip to Kragga Kamma Game Park.  This has been a fantastic way of extending the children’s learning and taking their learning experiences outdoors as they apply what they’ve learned to real-life situations.  Our Pre-Prep children are fortunate to be exposed to many such interesting trips and events.
  • The Pre-Prep have also decided to celebrate current world events with the children to increase their awareness of what is happening in the world around them.   They had a Royal Wedding day; FIFA Soccer Tournament; Wimbledon Father’s Day tennis morning and they will be having their own mini Tour De France in July.

Prep Feedback for Term 2

Our Junior Prep outdoor classroom day was once again a huge success and the highlight of many “preppies” Term. Seven different activities were prepared: Cup drumming, Planting a herb, making a shaker, Xhosa dancing, Counting cars, Leaf Art and Skipping. The children participated in all seven activities and had a wonderful day of outdoor learning.

The Junior Prep have also enjoyed, to name a few: baking cookies for their Afrikaans poem; painted and made their own bird feeders for their gardens; explored various maps – my classroom, my neighbourhood and my house; fun outings including a guided tour around Port Elizabeth visiting the Feather Market Hall, St Mary’s and much more.

Term 3 Academic timetable and Play Rehearsals

Due to the Prep Production of “Into the Woods” and 78 cast members; 10 Tech (sound & lights); 10 Props-making and 11 backstage pupils involved, Term 3 will be running a similar timetable as Term 2.  Again we will able to shave five minutes off the first 6 lessons of the day which creates a 45-minute rehearsal slot Monday-Thursday. All pupils not involved in production rehearsals are kept engaged in clubs run by various teachers.

Trinity College Examinations – 9 pupils from Grade 4 – 7 participated in the first session of practical exams which took place in May. All passed with merit and distinction.

Individual Tuition: The number of pupils receiving individual tuition continues to increase and we aim to have 160 music pupils by the end of the year.

Ensembles and Performances: It has been a busy semester for the Strings Studio.  The Senior String Orchestra performed beautifully at the Collegiate High School String Celebration and our string pupils had the opportunity to perform at the annual Strings Studio Concert.

The Junior Band has commenced rehearsals this Term and it is a large and well-balanced group in terms of instrumentation.  Both the Junior and Senior Choir, Flute Choir and Senior Band have had performance opportunities this semester.  The Flute Choir, Junior and Senior String Orchestra and Senior Band also entertained audiences at the 2018 Fair.

Many of our musicians have also recently returned from a very successful Band Camp, where much fun and learning took place, outside of the usual music department environment.

Our more seasoned beginner instrumentalists made us proud at the SASMT Mini Maestro competition and pupils enjoyed this introduction to performing.


Yet again, this Term has seen St George’s Prep lead the way in outreach within our community. Our Junior Prep classes have continued to support Heatherbank School with fruit donations on a Friday.

Our “one day without shoes” initiative was an amazing success and it was so humbling to be able to join the Grade 5 pupils in taking over 800 pairs of shoes to Kleinskool Community School in Bethelsdorp. Again, our pupils were exposed to the conditions that millions of children in our country face on a daily basis and that by doing something so small we can really make a big difference. So much more learning than an hour spent in a four-walled classroom!

Our Grade 7 pupils enrolled in the Ubuntu Service programme (about 19 in total) continue to do some amazing work in their communities. Our Grade 7 Hope Jones Ambassadors are really getting stuck in and are living out the ideals of servant leadership


It has been a very busy Term in sport.  We have hosted the following:

  • Founders Day Sports Afternoon – 400 children played sport
  • St George’s Hockey Festival – 649 children played sport
  • 65 Hockey teams – League fixtures
  • 36 Netball teams – League Fixtures
  • Inter-house Cross Country
  • Inter-House Athletics

We have attended the following:

  • Knysna u12 and u13 Netball Festivals
  • Charlo Netball Festival
  • Sunridge Netball Festival
  • Grey Hockey Festival
  • Kingswood Hockey Festival
  • Charlo Sevens Rugby Festival
  • Sunridge Sevens rugby Festival
  • Herbert Hurd Mini Hockey Festival

EP Reps

We have had a very good winter: we have 7 EP Hockey players, 1 EP Football player, 1 SA Archer/Fencer, 3 EP Winter Squad Cricketers, 3 National Judo reps and a number of cultural reps.

May all our families and staff have a well-deserved break and we look forward to welcoming all the children back on the 18th of July!

Kind regards
Alex Hall – Campus Head
Twitter- @AlexHallZA 
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/AlexHallZA 

Linkedin- za.linkedin.com/in/alexhallza


Term 3 2018

Mrs Cindy Tanner has been on long leave this term and we welcomed Mrs Charne Scheffel who took Grade 2S this Term.  We look forward to what Mrs Tanner has to share with us during her time off as she made some school visits both locally and in Cape Town.  Mrs Tess Jennings will be on Long Leave in Term 3 and Mrs Charne Scheffel will take her Grade 1G class. At the Pre-Prep, Mrs Lesley Howe will be on long leave in Term 3 and Mrs Katrina Olivier will be teaching for her for the duration of the Term.


School will reopen on Wednesday, 18 July.

Term 3 Sports Programme and Extra Murals for all Grades will commence from the first day back to school, on Wednesday, 18 July.

Workshops for Grades 4-7 will also commence on Wednesday, 18 July.

Water restrictions and the wearing of school uniform

With water restrictions still firmly in place within the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, pupils have been allowed to continue to wear sports clothes and tracksuits to school on the days that they take part in sporting activities. We are hoping that by allowing this to happen we will be doing our part to save a very precious natural resource, while at the same time saving the cost of having to wash so many items of clothing.

School Office

The Prep Offices will re-open on Tuesday, 17 July from 11h00.

The Pre-Prep Office will re-open on Wednesday, 18 July

School Shop Opening Hours – 3rd Term

The School Shop will open on Wednesday 18 July from 07h30 – 08h30 and again from 12h30 – 15h30.

Opening hours of School Shop:

12h30 – 14h30

07h30 – 09h00

12h30 – 15h30




Term 3

Wednesday 18 July

Friday 28 September

Public Holiday:
Thursday 9 August (Woman’s Day – School Holiday)
Friday 10 August (School Holiday)
Monday 24 September (Heritage Day – School Holiday)   

Term 4

Wednesday 10 October

Wednesday 5 December

Provisional Term Dates and Public Holidays 2019

Term 1

Wednesday 16 January

Wednesday 20 March

Term 2

Wednesday 10 April

Friday 14 June

Public Holidays during Term:      
Friday 19 April (Good Friday)
Monday 22 April (Easter Monday)
Wednesday 1 May (Workers Day)

Term 3

Tuesday 9 July

Wednesday 18 September

Public Holiday during Term:   
Friday 9 August (Women’s Day)

Term 4

Wednesday 2 October

Wednesday 4 December


School Events & Sport Fixtures: 18 July – 4 August 2018

Day Team Start Time Opposition Venue Estimated Finish
Tuesday 17 July U13A Boys and Girls KZN Hockey Tour Departs (17-23 July)
Wed 18 July Term 3 Commences 07h45 See Term 3 Sports & Extra Mural timetable for finish times
Grade 1 – 7 Sports and Extra Murals commence, plus Grade 4-7 Workshops
U13A Boys and Girls KZN Hockey Tour (17-23 July)
Thurs 19 July U13A Boys and Girls KZN Hockey Tour (17-23 July)
Friday 20 July U13A Boys and Girls KZN Hockey Tour (17-23 July)
Saturday 21 July U13A Boys and Girls KZN Hockey Tour (17-23 July)
Monday 23 July Pre-Prep Parent Meetings 14h00   Pre-Prep 18h00
Gr 1- 3 Parent Meetings 14h30   Classrooms 18h00
U13A Boys and Girls KZN Hockey Tour returns (17-23 July)
Tuesday 24 July Pre-Prep Parent Meetings 14h00   Pre-Prep 18h00
Gr 1- 3 Parent Meetings 14h30   Classrooms 18h00
Gr 4-7 Parent Meetings 16h30   Classrooms 19h30
Wednesday 25 July Pre-Prep and Junior Prep Incredible Dog Show 10h45   Daverin Field  
Friday 27 July


Grade 1 Hundred Days of School
Oakhill Derby tbc   Home tbc
Saturday 28 July Oakhill Derby tbc   Home tbc
Monday 30 July          
Tuesday 31 July Gr 6 IEB Core Skills Assessment        
Friday 3 August          
Saturday 4 August Erica Derby tbc   Erica tbc


The Sport and Extra-Mural Timetable for Term 3 will be emailed to all parents.  Please note two additional sports for Term 3: soccer and yoga.

We are introducing a yoga class as a complimentary co-curricular activity for pupils in Grades 4-7. The yoga system is aimed at strengthening and aligning the body, stretching and relaxing muscles, and improving posture and balance. The classes will be presented in the Music Auditorium on Thursdays from 14h15 to 15h15. We have a few mats available, but pupils are free to use their own mats. Interested parents should contact Mrs du Plooy m.duplooy@stgeorges.co.za to confirm a place in this class or if there are any queries.


Thank you to everyone who supported our 2018 Fair Lucky Draw.  Well done to our main prize winners (listed below) and our 25 “spot” prize winners.

1st Prize Winner – Rory Colin – Two nights’ accommodation for two at THE GARDEN ROUTE HOTEL, plus two meal vouchers redeemable at BRAVO LOUNGE, plus a round of golf for a four-ball at PINNACLE POINT CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF COURSE

2nd Prize Winner – Neville Nobel – Weekend Accommodation for a family of four at PINE LODGE

3rd Prize Winner – Sallie Baisley – Leather Bag and scarf from BELLEZA

4th Prize Winner – Linell Nell – One Term’s Cricket Coaching at YOUTH CRICKET ACADEMY

5th Prize Winner – Suiram van Heerden – One Term’s Cricket Coaching at YOUTH CRICKET ACADEMY



St George’s Fair on Saturday

Thank you to everyone who supported our Fair – it was a resounding success!

For all our photos of the St George’s Schools Fair, go to our Facebook page.