Dear St George’s Family

Below are a few extracts from one of my more recent “ramblings” that will be submitted for an article in the Leading Schools’ Section of The Weekend Post, shortly. (I thought it fair to share it with you first!)

#Letsmakegoodpeople – St George’s Preparatory School

Our children certainly do live in a different environment today than that which we, as adults, lived in during our schooling days.  The world has rapidly changed in the past 20 years as technologies seem to advance at a rate quicker than our human adoption of it.

So how do we go about equipping our children to face this world of fast-paced information overload? Schools historically were the custodians of knowledge and teachers the keepers of knowledge whose main responsibility was to share this knowledge with the pupils in their charge who became passive consumers of information. That landscape has certainly changed and has done so very quickly. Is knowledge then still such a sort after commodity in the 21st Century or is it now just a “Google” away? Perhaps, we should ask, Siri? We are also living in a time where artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, 3D printing etc. are replacing many human capacities in the workplace.  So perhaps we really should start focusing on our “humanness” at school a little bit more.

The #movements, in particular in our own country’s climate, can often become overwhelming.  It is becoming common practice for many to believe what they see in social-media as the truth and a “share” here and a “like” there and it becomes thousands of others reality as well. Sadly, also part of our human nature is that often it is the negative or the sensational that is shared and this can often cause great divide.

The development of our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is going to be critical in this new society and we owe it to our children to develop these important aspects of their development.  A shift needs to happen where our children are not only asked to give the correct answers but should really learn how to ask the correct questions in order to understand their current reality and in fact sometimes the truth.  Perception is becoming a modern-day killer as often the facts are lost in translation or hidden in all the “noise”.  We need pupils who will become adults that seek the truth, who aspire to find solutions, and who are motivated to mend bridges rather than breaking them.

Values and social responsibility is often covered during the school day and is spoken about in terms of the “hidden” curriculum.  We believe it is now time to stop hiding this and to open up these sorts of conversations with our children.  It needs to become more intricately woven within the tapestry of our curriculum and intentional programmes and systems need to be implemented to help our pupils cope in this complicated world.  A world where human understanding, the development of relationships, the understanding of diversity, a deeper understanding of one’s own privilege or lack thereof, the difference between acceptance and assimilation is more clearly defined and understood.

This all may seem a bit “lofty” and perhaps too much for our Preppies, but the sooner these conversations begin at an age-appropriate level, the better it is for society at large. Our goal and focus should really be to produce, “Good people”.  L.R. Knost wrote, which I have shared before: “It’s not our job to toughen our children to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.”

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Kind regards
Alex Hall – Campus Head
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Congratulations to Miss Claudia Dalla-Vecchia and Mr Carl van Niekerk who recently celebrated their engagement.

Miss Angela Martin has been appointed as the new Grade R Teacher in place of Mrs Johannessen from Term 3.  We have no doubt that Miss Martin will bring much enthusiasm and passion into her teaching with our little ones.  We wish her many happy years in our Pre-Prep.

We are also pleased to welcome Mrs Cheryl Moore to the Pre-Prep as of Term 3 as a Teacher’s Assistant to our two Grade 00 teachers.  Cheryl has vast experience in education and in particular pre-school education and will no doubt add much value to our teachers and children at the Pre-Prep.


The Drama Department is asking for donations of any unwanted fabric that can be used for making costumes, as well as any unwanted dress-up costumes.  These items can be dropped off at the Prep Office or the Drama Studio.


SANBS Blood Bus at St George’s Prep

Friday 8 June 2018 from 08h30 to 15h00

A reminder that the next Blood Bus at St George’s Prep will be tomorrow, Friday 8 June 2018 from 08h30 to 15h00.   Please donate blood and give 3 complete strangers another chance at life.  It’s not just blood.  It’s a lifetime waiting to be lived.  SANBS rely on your support.

St George’s Fair 2018

Saturday 16 June 2018

We are in the final preparation stage for the St George’s Fair on Saturday 16 June.  Look out for a letter from the PA Committee about the entertainment programme, car parking areas, list of the market and food stalls and the competition on our Facebook page.

The Fair will have lots of tasty eats at our Food Stalls, Market Stalls, a range of entertainment – music by The Sunshine Band, African Drumbeat, Animals in Wonderland, plus kids crafts and entertainment, tea garden, beer garden with live-stream rugby and so much more!

Thank you also must go to you, the parents’, we have so appreciated your support in supplying amazing jars for the Tombola Stall and selling Lucky Draw Raffle tickets.


School Events & Sport Fixtures: 11 – 22 June2018

Day Team Start Time Opposition Venue Estimated Finish
Mon 11 June U13 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
U12 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
Tues 12 June Inter-House Athletics at Westborne Oval from 08h00 – 14h00
Wed 13 June
U13A Girls Hockey tbc Sunridge Sunridge tbc
U13B Girls Hockey tbc Sunridge Sunridge tbc
Thurs 14 June Pre-Prep Father’s Day 09h00 Pre-Prep 10h15
Junior Prep Father’s Day 11h00 Daverin Field 12h30
U9 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
U10 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
U11 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
U11A Girls Hockey 14h30 Sunridge Crusaders 15h30
U11A Boys Hockey 14h30 Clarendon Clarendon 15h30
U13A Boys Hockey 14h30 Lorraine Lorraine 16h00
Friday 15 June Grade 1 Outing Animal Welfare
Sport and Extra Mural Activities End for all Grades
U13A Boys Hockey tbc Sunridge Sunridge tbc
U11B Boys Hockey Bye Bye Bye Bye
Saturday 16 June St George’s Fair : 10h00 – 21h00
Monday 18 June Band Camp Assegaai Valley, near Kenton-on-Sea : 18-20 June 2018
Tuesday 19 June Band Camp Assegaai Valley, near Kenton-on-Sea : 18-20 June 2018
Wednesday 20 June Band Camp Assegaai Valley, near Kenton-on-Sea : 18-20 June 2018
Thursday 21 June U13A Soccer Festival Knysna
Friday 22 June


Pre-Prep Pyjama Day
Final Assembly 10h00 Jan Immelman Hall 11h00
Term 2 Ends 11h00 No Aftercare.  Please pick up your child promptly
U13A Soccer Festival Knysna
Saturday 23 June U13A Soccer Festival Knysna


Music Department’s 2018 Strings Studio Concert – Wednesday 30 May

The Music Department presented a Strings Studio Concert on Wednesday 30 May.  The evening featured our junior and senior string musicians from St George’s Preparatory.  We were fortunate to have David Bester as our guest artist who entertained the audience with three pieces.

These Studio Concerts gives our parents the opportunity to hear their children play their instrument of choice in a small concert format.

It was an intimate and inspiring evening for all involved and well done to all our pupils!

St George’s Prep Annual Girls’ Hockey Festival – Saturday 2 June 2018

The St George’s Prep Hockey Festival took place on Saturday 2 June with over 650 girls from East London, Grahamstown, Addo, Graaff-Reinet and Port Elizabeth participating (Merrifield Preparatory, DSG, St Andrews Prep, Kingswood, Hermitage House, Union Primary, Clarendon Primary, Summerwood, Sunridge, Collegiate Girls, Erica Girls, St Dominic’s Priory plus St George’s). The u9, u10 and u11’s played at Crusaders and our Astro while the u13 teams played their games at Pirates Hockey Club.

Spectators were treated to entertaining hockey throughout the morning. This year St George’s Prep entered a team in every division. The girls played with great heart, faring well against tough competition from larger schools.  To see the excitement and smiles on all the girls’ faces at the end of the day means it was a truly fantastic day.

Thank you to the ground-staff for ensuring that the facilities were in good condition and to the coaches, staff and parents who worked so hard to make the event such a success.

Please refer to our Facebook page for all the photos taken on the day of our St George’s players.