Dear St George’s Family,

It has been such a pleasure to sit in my study this morning relatively undisturbed and to start writing this week’s newsletter with the wonderful rain falling on the lawn outside my window.  Oh dear, three hours later, about that so called, “not being disturbed!”  The buzz of Miss Pattison’s phone ringing with no doubt all the “has sport been cancelled” calls and the noise levels heightening outside my door with the voices of Junior Preppies waiting to be fetched is my current reality. Never a dull moment at school!

It certainly was a pleasure to attend our full school Assembly this morning and to hear the message of kindness shared by our Grade 4 pupils in a delightful manner whilst re-enacting the story of the “Lion and the Mouse”. It also was wonderful to see the photographs of our Grade 5’s who experienced some precious time with the younger children of Kleinskool Community School yesterday. It was fantastic to witness the disappointment on the U9 boys’ faces when they heard their Rugby and Hockey fixtures have been cancelled, such is their commitment! I was also so proud to be able to hand out so many Star Awards that recognise pupils for living out one of our five core values during the week.

So why am I sharing all these brief moments with you?  While sitting here in what is nothing short of a beautiful study, I really do feel a strong sense of my own personal privilege as well as that of many in our immediate community. Having recently witnessed the #ashwinwilliamse episode unravel on social media, I would not care to comment on it, but to rather look at the conversation this has opened and the possibilities it may well present.

One of the speakers at the “Raising Boys and Girls Conference” I recently attended at St Stithian’s College, made a simplistic comparison to privilege by explaining it in terms of access. He further clarified this by stating that access to “things” is not the same for everyone and those with privilege are generally fortunate to have access to more and clearly those with less privilege the converse is true!  This is not just a South African dilemma, nor a racial dilemma, this is a human condition and one I do not wish to politicise, I can leave that to the politicians.

The living out of our core values and witnessing the good deeds of our children on a daily basis here at St George’s Prep gives me hope.  I truly wish that more people (I am talking about big people, myself included!) could perhaps learn this from children.  Children often understand their own privilege and if left to their own devices will use their more abundant “access” for the benefit of others with less “access”, the voluntarily sharing of a lunchbox is a prime example of this. The picture below is possibly the way children view the world:

Many of us adults will start the conversation of equality and equity and will lose the real insight this picture really brings and that is the basic innate human nature we all possess, that of kindness!

Again, this Headmaster has been humbled by the wonderful pupils in his charge and I thank them for reminding me to rather look at life through their eyes, it is a far clearer and more beautiful view!


Have a wonderful, sports free weekend!

Kind regards
Alex Hall – Campus Head
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Uniform for School Functions

A reminder that should your child be attending a school function or sports fixture as a spectator, please take note of the following requirements:

  • School Function : Full school uniform (including blazer – seasonal)
  • Sport Fixtures : Sport clothes and tracksuit (in winter)                                             

The Children’s Feeding Trust

We have been supporting ‘The Children’s Feeding Trust’ for over 10 years and they are grateful for any donations received.  A tin is placed in every classroom each Term for children to bring in loose change. This term the Feeding Trust will be collecting the tins on Tuesday 19 June.   If you have any loose coins or change at home, give it to your child to ‘feed’ the tin in their classroom and in turn, help feed a child in need.

SANBS Blood Bus at St George’s Prep – Friday 8 June 2018 from 08h30 to 15h00

For those who are familiar with our Adopt-a-Month Blood Drive programme in past years, please note that the SANBS has changed the format this year so instead of our month traditionally being November the Primary School Blood Donation Challenge will now run for the entire year.

When you donate blood at any of the SANBS centres, please ask the SANBS staff to place the donation barcode sticker on the entry slip when you donate blood.  Remember to fill in the pupil’s name, grade and class and hand the entry in at the school.

A person can donate blood every 56 days or 8 weeks.  The sooner one donates, the sooner the next donation can be made, so don’t delay.  Please visit www.sanbs.org.za to find out more about blood donation, the importance thereof as well as the process you can expect.

When last did you something amazing?…like in REALLY amazing… for someone else…not for yourself…???

The next Blood Bus at St George’s Prep will be on Friday 8 June 2018 from 08h30 to 15h00.   Please donate blood and give 3 complete strangers another chance at life.  It’s not just blood.  It’s a lifetime waiting to be lived.  SANBS rely on your support.


Day Team Start Time Opposition Venue Estimated Finish
Mon 28 May U13 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
U12 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
Tues 29 May U9A Boys Hockey Postponed due to other School’s Assessment week
U9B Boys Hockey Postponed due to other School’s Assessment week
U9C Boys Hockey 14h30 De Vos Malan SGP Astro 15h00
U9A Girls Hockey 15h00 Astra Away 16h00
U9B Girls Hockey 14h30 Astra Away 16h00
U9C Girls Hockey Bye Bye Bye Bye
U10A Girls Hockey 14h55 Summerwood Away 16h00
U10B Girls Hockey 14h30 Summerwood Away 16h00
U10C Girls Hockey 14h30 Clarendon Crusaders B 15h15
Wed 30 May Music Department’s Strings Studio Concert 18h00 Music Department 19h00
U13A Girls Hockey Postponed due to other School’s Assessment week
U13B Girls Hockey Postponed due to other School’s Assessment week
U11A Girls Hockey Postponed due to other School’s Assessment week
Thurs 31 May
U9 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
U10 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
U11 Netball Bye Bye Bye Bye
Friday 1 June
U13A Boys Hockey Postponed due to other School’s Assessment week
U11A Boys Hockey 15h15 Muir Crusaders B 15h45
U11B Boys Hockey 14h30 Herbert Hurd Crusaders B 15h00
Saturday 2 June St George’s Girls’ Hockey Festival at Astro & Crusaders A + B fields

08h00 – 12h00

Monday 4 June
Tuesday 5 June
Wed 6 June There will be no sport or matches for Grade 6 & 7 only due to exams tomorrow and Friday
Thursday 7 June Grade 6 & 7 Exams

1.  Grade 6 & 7 pick-up time at the end of the day remains the same : 13h55

2.  All pupils not picked up at 13h55 must attend the afternoon Workshops.

3.  There will be no sport or matches today for Grades 6 & 7 only

Collegiate Strings Celebration 18h30 Our school’s String Orchestra will be joining other schools at this concert at Collegiate. ±20h00
Friday 8 June St George’s Cares Prayer Group 07h10 Pre-Prep and Prep parents are welcome Prep Staff Room 07h30
  Grade 6 & 7 Exams

1.  Grade 6 & 7 pick-up time at the end of the day remains the same : 13h55

2.  Sport and matches for Grade 6 & 7 as normal this afternoon.


Saturday 2 June 2018

St George’s Prep Annual Girls’ Hockey Festival 

10 schools and over 400 players plus coaches and supporters will be participating in our annual Girls’ Hockey Festival being held on Saturday 2 June.  Our U9 A + B, U10 A and U13 A + B girls’ hockey teams will be playing.  The matches will be held on the Astro, Crusader B and Pirates Hockey Club.

More detailed information, team lists and the programme will be sent out shortly.

Wednesday 30 May

Music Department’s 2018 Strings Studio Concert 

We are looking forward to the Music Department’s 2018 Strings Studio Concert which takes place on Wednesday 30 May at 18:00.

It gives our parents the opportunity to hear their children play their ‘string’ instruments in a small concert format.

It promises to be an intimate and inspiring evening for all involved and we wish our pupils all the best.

Saturday 16 June 2018

St George’s Fair 2018

The countdown has begun and our Fair is only three weeks away!

The PA Committee has been working hard to finalise the entertainment programme and the food and market stalls and the day promises to be a fun and exciting one for the whole family.  Our Fair is open to the entire PE Community so please invite your friends and family.

A few reminders:

  • Please help us to make everyone aware of our Fair by displaying the car poster in the back window of your vehicle.  Additional copies are available from the school office.
  • Please share our Fair posters on your social media pages with your friends.
  • If you are able to display a paper copy of our Fair poster at your company or know of someone who can, please collect one from the school offices.
  • We are delighted with the response so far for our Children’s Tombola Stall, but we still need more jars to ensure no child is disappointed on the day. if you haven’t sent one in yet, please fill a jar with goodies that would appeal to ages 4 – 13 e.g. sweets, small toys, puzzles and return to school before Wednesday 14 June.
  • Check at home and ask book clubs, friends and colleagues for any books that are no longer needed(adult, children, fiction, non-fiction) that they are willing to donate for us to sell on our Second-Hand Book Stall.
  • Please keep selling those lucky draw tickets to all your family and friends and make sure no-one misses out on the chance to win one of the exciting prizes on offer in our Lucky Draw. Please return all completed Lucky Draw sheets and money to your class teacher by Wednesday 14 June.



Report by Ross Henderson, Cross Country Captain, on the Inter-House Cross Country event

On Thursday 17 May the Inter-House Cross Country took place at the newly renamed Nelson Mandela University.

PE couldn’t have provided us with better weather if it tried, giving us a beautiful, cloudless day with little wind and temperatures that were only a little on the warm side, but our runners enjoyed it nonetheless.

The U9’s kicked off the action with their 2km race and finished with some excellent results. In first place was Léala Crockett, closely followed by Emma France and Anisia Kerdei. First place in the boys’ race was Nathan Appels, with Evan Swart in second and Dean Leer in third. Thankfully all of them returned from their first big race safe and sound.

The U11’s went off with a bang, all of them eager to prove themselves. Again, all finished with superb times; the girls being headed up by Lily Krige with Jaime Mote hot on her heels and Shiloh Douglas-Jones not far behind in third. The boys were even more competitive with Jared Kovacs sprinting over the line and claiming first place, while Cade Hummel and Joshua Du Randt finished not far behind.

The Girls’ Open race followed, with Elizabeth Bain coming in first, closely followed by Maia Crockett and Erin Johnson. In the Boys’ Open race Erin Baisley took first place, Luke Hartel was just behind and Likhanye Madlingozi hot on his heels in third.

The overall winner of the Inter-House Cross Country, 2018 was Francis House, followed by Brawn and Stevens in 3rd.

A special thanks to the catering staff and all the Moms who provided the delicious eats. Thanks to Mr Jefferys and his ground staff for marking out the route so beautifully. Thanks to all the parents for cheering us on, your support really does make a difference. A special thanks to Milan Ramdass for effectively running the refreshment stand at the end of the race – it was insanely busy.  Thank you to Juffrou Scholtz – without you we wouldn’t have been able to have this amazing event at all.  Last, but certainly not least, well done to all the runners!