Letter from the campus head

Dear Parents, Pupils and Staff

Sir Ken Robinson is one of the world’s most influential voices in education. His talk, “Do Schools Kill Creativity”, is the most viewed in the history of TED and has been seen by millions of people all over the world. In his book, Creative Schools”, he says, “The Challenge is not to reform education but to transform it. As we face a very uncertain future, the answer is not to do better what we’ve done before. We have to do something else”.

We accepted this challenge this past week and challenged our children and staff to a WOW (Week of Wonders) week, where the usual timetable, bells and structures were abandoned for the Grade 4-7 pupils and we tried something different and new and preferably out of the classroom too! No doubt many of you who follow our Facebook feed would have a fair idea of the varied activities our Senior Prep pupils have been getting up to this past week. It varied from pancake making, jetpack creation, dressing up for jobs of the future, burying time capsules, creating steam powered boats, fashion design, learning and making traditional African Games, designing and planning alternative energy sources, baking peppermint crisp tarts, one of our teacher’s teachers visiting and talking about ‘school back in the day” to name but a few.

As part of our recent Strategic Planning one of our strategic imperatives is “to develop a cohesive, united, committed quality teaching staff” and part of this process is to look at the curriculum offering at St George’s and review and revise where necessary. We have embarked on this review as of the first two days of school this term and the process is ongoing. The staff are having regular meetings focusing primarily on teaching and learning for our boys and girls going forward.
We have had a very busy winter term with more and more of our pupils taking part in a variety of fixtures across as many codes of sport possible. The new Multi-Purpose Sports Facility certainly is assisting a great deal in this regard as well as the commitment and passion of our coaching staff that really are going the extra mile for our boys and girls. Our recent trip to Merrifield was most successful and we thank all our parents for your continued support. It really was heartening to see a large portion of our special community together in support of our pupils!

With spring in the air, it has also been a real treat to see a variety of community outreach initiates happening. Our Senior Phase helped in cleaning part of St George’s Park grounds today, our Junior Preppies all visited a variety of Old Age Homes in Port Elizabeth and brought some much appreciated spring cheer to many of our senior citizens, and our Hope Jones’ Ambassadors, of their own initiative, spoke to the children this morning about the Civvies day next week to raise funds for their much needed appeals. We also have our Spring Concert and Art Exhibition to look forward to next week!

I felt it fitting to end this newsletter with a quote from Sir Ken Robinson, “Learning is a process of acquiring new knowledge and skills. Human beings are highly curious learning organisms. From the moment they’re born, young children have a voracious appetite for learning. For far too many, that appetite starts to dull as they go through school. Keeping it alive is the key to transforming education.” I sincerely hope we will continue to keep it alive here at St George’s!

May you all have a wonderful spring weekend that is relatively free of St George’s activities and spend some much needed family time together!

Kind regards,
Alex Hall – Campus Head
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Staff News

Registered Councillor joins our Learning Support Team

We are very excited to let you know that we have a Registered Counsellor joining our Support Team.

Louis Zietsman officially joins our team as a Registered Counsellor (RC) from September.

Registered Counsellor’s provide therapy to alleviate personal/emotional difficulties, enhance family functioning and are trained to administer certain psychometric assessments (including career guidance and assessment). Registered Counsellors have been likened to “psychological first aid” and provide an extremely important service to people.

Louis has a particular interest in child and adolescent emotional development as well as enhancing the learning potential of children from Grade 1 onwards.

Louis completed his training at the Nelson Mandela University and qualified with a 4 year BPsych (Counselling) Degree in 2014 that included a 6 month internship at the Nelson Mandela University Psychology Clinic (Uclin) working with children of all ages. He is currently working at the Child Wellness Centre as part of their multi-disciplinary team.

You can contact Mrs Lucy McNaughton (l.mcnaughton@stgeorges.co.za) for more information on this.

What’s on for the next 2 Weeks of Term 3 – (School Events & Sport Fixtures 4 – 16 September 2017)

Merrifield East London Tour – 25-26 August 2017

Most of our sports teams, consisting of a large contingent of close on 100 Prep pupils, together with staff and parents travelled to East London last weekend to take part in a Sports Tour playing in hockey, soccer, netball and chess fixtures against a number of different schools.  Well done to all our boys and girls who represented their school with aplomb both on and off the field!  For our picture gallery of the weekend, please go to our Facebook page.

Walmer Golf Club Festival of Golf Junior Competition – Sunday 10 September 2017

St George’s Schools is the proud sponsor of the Walmer Golf Club (aka “Little Walmer”) Festival of Golf Junior Competition being held on Sunday 10 September 2017. All junior golfers are invited to participate.
Entry Fee: R80 (includes boerewors roll) is payable on the day.

Entries close 2 days before the event. To book please email baygolfacademy@gmail.com (please indicate 9/18 holes)

To book please email baygolfacademy@gmail.com (please indicate 9/18 holes)

Enquiries: 083 534 0308
• 18 holes – arrive at 11:30
• 9 holes – arrive at 12:00
Parents, family members and friends are welcome to play with the juniors (please indicate the adults participation at R80 green fee per person) when emailing the junior’s entry.

  • All first time beginners with no handicaps will be given a max handicap of 48 after which their EP Grad handicap will apply
  • The format will be stroke play using the double par rule (the maximum score on any hole will not exceed double the par …6 on a par 3, 8 on a par 4 and 10 on a par 5)
  • Boys of 13 years and older will play off the men’s tees
  • Under 13 boys will play off the ladies tees
  • The under 11 boys and girls will play on a shortened course and tee off from markers on the fairways, but may have the choice to tee off the ladies tees if they so wish
  • Parents are welcome to help caddy and score or even play

Spring Concert and Art Exhibition 


Tuesday 5 September 2017

The Music, Art and Drama departments will present the Spring Concert and Art Exhibition on Tuesday 5 September in the Jan Immelman Hall. The programme includes various instrumental ensemble items, choral music as well as individual drama performances by selected pupils.

There has been a wonderful response and there is now limited seating left, so to reserve seats, please RSVP to the Music Department (music@stgeorges.co.za) by Friday 1, September. Seating is not pre-assigned and is on a first come first serve basis.

The Jan Immelman Hall and the Art Exhibition will be open from 17h00 and the concert will commence at 18h00. Hot meals will be available to purchase and a cash bar will be open from 17h00.

St George’s Prep “Celebrating the Arts” Exhibition : 20 – 24 September 2017

St George’s Preparatory School invites you to our 5th Celebrating the Arts visual art exhibition from 20 – 24 September featuring Bretten-Anne Moolman and many other well-known Eastern Cape artists in our Jan Immelman Hall.

A peek around the school

WoW week at the Prep has been fun for all!!  See below for a peek of what the pupils have been up to.  For more photos please go to our Facebook page.

In Social Sciences pupils looked at challenges facing Africa and were tasked with building circuits and coming up with innovative designs to combat load shedding.

Taal and Bak (making and eating pancakes)

Another fantastic day at the Prep and Pre-Prep today during our “Week of Wonders”!

Our wonderful Grade 4’s with jet packs and time capsules, loving WOW week!

WOW week and some awesome costume designs with our Grade 6’s

Classes in the Drama studio have been busy making drama props. The Grade 4’s made paper-mache African Drums and the Grade 2’s Shakers from recycled goods.

The Grade 1’s, working in groups, had great fun creating beautiful leaf art

Creating learning spaces and classroom design in the Head’s Study last week during SMILE groups!

Well done to all our young pianists and our special guest pianist, Mr David du Plooy, who played at our Piano Studio Concert – you were all incredible and it was wonderful to be able to listen to you play.

The Grade 2’s have been using their imaginations to make some interesting buildings from recycled materials


A Peek at the Pre-Primary

The Grade Rs in a computer lesson today had to create a raft for the fisherman as the boat capsized  and they needed to get food.

and they needed to get food classmates portraits on the perspex screens.

Introducing our Grade Rs to the wonderful world of Science … they visited the Prep Science Lab where our senior science teachers showed them a volcano experiment (they are learning about dinosaurs) followed by a rocket experiment outside using the same ingredients.