Letter from the campus head

Dear Parents, Pupils and Staff

Wow, it certainly has been a busy winter term and all our boys and girls must be congratulated for their whole-hearted commitment to everything on offer here at St George’s.

Our Senior Management Team, Board members and some staff were involved in a 2 day strategic planning session recently, where we established 5-6 strategic imperatives for our school going forward. After analysing much data, determining trends over the past five years and carefully interrogating a SWAT analysis, we are now in a better space to start conversations around our various strategies for the next five years. Our next step will be to engage with all of our stakeholders over the next 6 months and to formulate what actions will be required in order to take our school from “Good to Great”. We felt this an appropriate time to give you a little insight into some of the developments particularly in our Senior Primary of late. (Thanks to Craig Carter: HOD Senior Primary for this report)

New to St George’s Prep Academics

Term 2 has seen the introduction of number of new additions in the Senior Primary, each of which has helped to broaden the curriculum, assist with differentiated learning, develop collaborative practices and enhance the pupil’s school going experience.

We now have our two ovens installed, and have a Cooking Club. A number of Grades have linked their subjects with the use of the ovens, creating much excitement amongst their pupils, whereas in the past they may have been confined to the classroom.

Our two Sphero’s balls have arrived and coding is now a popular Club. I believe we are the first school in Port Elizabeth to introduce coding and are thereby equipping our pupils with a valuable tool for the future.

In today’s world people are highly connected and digital. Citizens interact using smartphones and social media platforms. They use e-wallets for payments. Deliveries are announced via app alerts or SMS, and picked up from digitally controlled lockers.

We need to help children feel comfortable partnering technology to solve real-world problems of tomorrow. Coding is the new language of the world. Every year, the demand for more programmers is ever-increasing. In fact, this year, there are millions of programmers all around the world yet the demand hasn’t been met yet.

These Sphero balls allow our children to learn through connected play and discovery, these robots are challenging and inspiring brilliant young minds. Benefits to coding:

1. Learning how to code improves some of the traits that they will need in the future.Teaching pupils to code is a great way to develop several positive traits: quick-thinking, creativity, and many others.

2. Learning to code at an early age can help improve their problem-solving skills.  Learning to code using coding games is fun and exciting, which may spark their interest in coding.

Term 2 has also seen the installation of “Reader are Leaders”. This outstanding programme is a truly differentiated learning experience, both in the Foundation and Senior Phases. It is used by both English and Afrikaans teachers on a regular basis, with the Computer Lab now often fully booked. Learning Support has also come on board and now use the programme as a valuable remedial tool. We now need to consider installing the Programme into the second Computer Lab to help with the demand.

With the addition of Wi-Fi throughout the school all teachers from Grade 5-7 have now setup up their Google classrooms. This will enable us to become a truly ‘Google Apps for Education’ School. Term 3 will be a very exciting stage of development on the academic front; enabling both teachers and pupils to experience a far more interactive, rewarding, collaborative and differentiated teaching and learning experience.

May you all have a restful mid-year break with your children, if the opportunity presents itself, and we look forward to welcoming all the boys and girls back on the 24th of July.

Kind regards
Alex Hall – Campus Head 
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Last Day of Term 2

Final assembly will commence at 09h30 and end at 10h30 on Friday 30 June.  Foundation Phase pupils should be collected from the classrooms and Senior Phase pupils may depart with their parents after final assembly.  All reports will be emailed from 11h30 on this day.

The School Shop will be open on Friday 30 June from 09h30 – 11h00. School Matters – Third Term 2017

School Matters – Third Term 2017

School will reopen on Monday, 24 July.
School will close at the following times on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 July:
Grades 1 and 2: 13h00
Grades 3 – 7: 13h55

The 3rd Term Sports Programme and Extra Murals for all Grades will commence on Wednesday, 26 July. Prep sessions for Grades 4-7 also commence on Wednesday, 26 July.
A reminder that we switch over from Rugby to Soccer on the boys front in Term 3 for Grades 3-7.

School Office

The Prep and Pre-Primary school offices will re-open on Monday 24 July.  However, the offices will be closed from 14h15 – 17h30 on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th July due to staff development workshops.

School Shop Opening Hours – 3rd Term

The School Shop will open on Monday 24 July from 07h30 – 08h30 and then again from 12h30 – 14h30

Opening hours of School Shop:

Monday: 12h30 – 14h30
Tuesdays/Thursdays: 07h30 – 09h00
Wednesdays: 12h30 – 15h00
Fridays: CLOSED

Term Dates for rest of the year

Term 3: Monday 24 July to Friday 29 September
Term 4: Monday 9 October to Wednesday 6 December

Public Holidays for Term 3:
9 August: National Women’s Day
24 September:  Heritage Day

Provisional Term Dates for 2018

Term 1: Pupils Return 17 January 2018 – 28 March 2018

21 March Human Rights Day

Term 2: Pupils Return 11 April 2018 – 22 June 2018

27 April Freedom Day
30 April School Holiday
1 May Worker’s Day

Term 3: Pupils Return 18 July 2018 – 28 September 2018

9 August National Women’s Day
10 August School Holiday
24 September Heritage Day

Term 4: Pupils Return 10 October 2018 – 7 December 2018


What’s on for the First 2 Weeks of Term 3 – (School Events & Sport Fixtures 24 July – 4 August 2017)

Up-coming Main Events

Please refer to the d6 Communicator Calendar or the hard copy blue Calendar (received on 1st day of Term 3) for all our events for Term 3

A Peek around the School

A Peek at the Pre-Primary

Our special dads joined in the fun with the Pre-Schoolers this morning and were great sports playing soccer on the Astro and participating in donut races