Why Is St George’s Special To Me? | Juhi Gajjar

Mar 7, 2017

Good Evening and welcome to our new prospective parents. My name is Juhi Gajjar and I am a Grade 7 pupil at St George’s Prep. I have been at St George’s since my pre-school years and I couldn’t be more proud to showcase the cultural and musical opportunities that are available at our school.

The school is actively involved with many charities that the pupils and staff get involved with. Throughout the year there are charity drives in support of various organisations such as the Hope Jones Foundation, Love Story, The SA National Blood Service, and various under-privileged schools. These experiences remind us from a young age how privileged we are, and instills compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves.

From the Foundation Phase to the senior grades we regularly go on outings to explore and learn about the world beyond the school gates. In the Foundation Phase the popular outings are to SAMREC, Bayworld and Nature Reserves, where the pupils go on short day hikes. As you get into the higher grades you have the opportunity to go away on camp, initially for a night and event for four nights in a row, which is a scenario that I am sure you can’t yet imagine. However over the years we are taught survival and leadership skills that enable us to stay away from home. A highlight of the Grade 7 year is a two week exchange program to schools in the United Kingdom.

Drama is very active at St George’s. Drama is a school subject but Mrs Stiglingh also offers extra drama lessons. The Foundation Phase hosts an annual Nativity Play and every two years the school puts on a large scale production, complete with lighting, costumes and professional choreography.   The last two school productions have won numerous Showtime awards and our school was featured several times in the newspaper.

Art is also a vibrant subject at St George’s. We have a brand new Carol Arts and Media Centre that boasts a dedicated art studio. For pupils who take art seriously, extra art classes are offered after school hours.  You, as a parent, can enjoy viewing your child’s art on display at various school functions throughout the year.

The Arts and Media centre is also home to our school Library.  Our school has an extensive library which is used by all grades. During the Foundation Phase library lessons Mrs Roth treats the pupils to story time by candle light. Once the pupils have learnt to read by themselves they in turn visit the Pre-Primary and read to them.

I am part of the kids Lit Quiz team which is a select team of pupils who are keen readers and have a good general knowledge about books. This Quiz is an international competition in which our school hosts and participates in every year.  The school also invites pupils to take part in the International Commonwealth Essay Competition, the Eskom Science Expo and Trinity Drama and Music exams. St George’s aims to produce well rounded pupils and we are encouraged to participate in all spheres of school life.

St George’s Prep offers a variety of musical instruments and we have four bands that rehearse on selected mornings. Pupils can take up a musical instrument from Grade 3, as well as join the junior choir. These pupils display their talent at music assemblies, and regular in-house concerts. Going on band camp created some of my fondest memory of St George’s. It was an opportunity to bond with my friends, to make new friends and to learn more about music.

As my time at St George’s draws to an end I am so grateful that the school has given me so many opportunities to develop as a person, to build strong friendships and to learn values that are going to help me in the future. St George’s is an amazing school and I wish you all a positive journey.

School is the best time of your life and St George’s is the best place to experience this.