Why Is St George’s Special To Me? | Daniel Ristow

Mar 7, 2017

Good evening ladies and gentleman, and children, my name is Daniel Ristow and I started at George’s in 2010 in Grade R. When I first started school here, my mom tells me that I was very, very shy, and look at me now, standing here tonight, talking to you. Everyone tells me that the most important part of any school is the academics so let me start with that. In my experience, we have the best teachers and I think we are the best academic school in P.E.

What I enjoy about St George’s is that we have so much fun in the classroom, while learning at the same time. We have really cool technology in every classroom, and we get to bring our iPads to school every day from Grade 5. But, moms and dads, don’t worry, we don’t play games on our iPads, we do real learning. One of the many projects I have done using my iPad was when, in Life Orientation we got to make an iMovie showcasing our school, some of us even brought our drones to get amazing aerial footage of our school. We are always encouraged to think outside the box and to challenge ourselves and those around us.

St George’s offers a such a wide variety of sports and we cater for all types of interests and abilities. On the competitive side for a small school we produce a high number of Eastern Province representatives and play many good fixtures. I have been fortunate enough to make EP for hockey, golf and water polo and I made the PE district cricket side – so thanks to my coaches! We also have had so many fun sporting tours and derby days where all teams play. My highlights are when we went to Natal for a hockey festival at Michaelhouse and Hilton. This past weekend I went to Knysna for a water polo festival where we played in the actual harbour. When we play derby matches the whole school takes part. In Grades 1 and 2 we get a great foundation and later we learn specific skills for different sports.  I have two Jack Russells at home and I think St George’s sport is very similar to a Jack Russells, because we may be a fairly small school but we believe we can take on anyone. However, above everything win or lose our main goal is to have fun playing.

I can truly say that I have had a fantastic time a St George’s. We have great teachers and sports coaches and I know that any of you who choose to come here will have an amazing experience. At St George’s you are more than just a pupil, you are part of a family and everyone supports each other from the Pre-Primary all the way to the Grade 7’s.

Thank you and I wish you all well as you prepare for Grade 1.