Why Is St George’s Special To Me? | Jitesh David

May 3, 2016

Good morning Mr Hall, teachers and the Grade One parents of 2017. Today I will be giving you a speech on why St George’s has been so special to me in the past seven years I have spent here at the Prep School.

First I’d just like say that those years were my best, funniest and craziest, but unfortunately the quickest years of my life. Time flies when you’re having fun. This year being my last year at St George’s Prep makes me sad, but made me realize how far I have come in those years, and all the great things I have learnt here. I am proud to say that St George’s Prep has helped me achieve things that I never even spent a minute thinking about when I started here in Grade One.

St George’s Prep to me means so much because it was the place where grew up, spending each minute of the day in school every school week except holidays. When my parents were still deciding whether or not I should come to this school they said that the one sign that made the decision a definite was when they looked at how happy the children were when they were playing outside at break. The first time I ever entered the front gate it was like a scene from Harry Potter.

St George’s offers various different sports ranging from the sports on the field, to the sports played in the swimming pool and even sports like judo and golf. Sport gives you the opportunity to do something other than sit in the classroom all day. St George’s Prep has a big drama department and usually every two to three years a major play is hosted. In 2016 we were lucky enough to have a reproduction of “The Wizard of Oz” as there was a major play only two years before.

St George’s has an exchange program to England where you go to study for two weeks. You apply in Grade Six and will get chosen to go in Grade Seven.  It gives you the opportunity to see the world! The teachers at the Prep are probably the best teachers you’ll ever come across; they are kind most of the time, funny, but can very scary at times. St George’s Prep has got great facilities, probably one of the best.

There is even a new IPad policy where pupils from Grades 5-7 may bring their own personal iPads to school. The iPad will be locked away in their own iPad locker where it is safe and the pupils will go fetch their iPads when a certain task is needed by a teacher – something to look forward to! This policy was introduced in 2015 and has found much success, nearly every pupil from Grade 5-7 has their own personal iPad in 2016.

St George’s to me is my home away from home. Finally to end of my speech I would like to leave you with some quotes.

  1. Success is driven by ambition
  2. There is elevator to success take the stairs
  3. Nothing is Impossible the word itself spell I’m possible
  4. If people want to bring you down it only means you’re above of them
  5. If it happens it was for a reason
  6. Life is the art of drawing without an eraser

Thank you

Jitesh David

Grade 7 Class of 2016