Why I Love My School | Prep

May 3, 2016

We asked the pupils of St George’s Prep why they love their school. Here are some of their responses…

Grade 1

I like Grade 1 because we do work

I like St George’s because it is fun

We play

I have a nice teacher and she gives us nice work

I like playing with my friends

We learn new things


We do fun activities like computers and drama and my favourite is music

Because we do lots of work

I have a lovely teacher and we do smart homework

Grade 2

Swimming in the Splash Gala

Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day

Because we had an opposite day and we drew with our feet

We made snowglobes

We all had fun being mad scientists and we made cool things

We build inventions

We have a fun run

We made tents out of our desks

Our teacher tells us funny stories

I like to do art and drama

We went in the Planetarium in the hall

I’ve learnt phonics and cursive

I love my teacher, she is funny

My teacher reads to us and makes it feel real

We have REAL homework

At the rock pool I saw some starfish

I liked it when we went to hike at Van Staden’s because I got to hear my voice echo


Grade 3 & 4

It’s the best school ever!

Awesome school

It feels like home

We’re one big family

There is lots of fun activities such as measuring outside, the swimathon, St George’s Day, Valentine’s Day, art, drama, music and computers

Learning is fun!

I love coming here every day

I have good friends here

The food is yummy

We go on fun outings

It’s fantastic!

Sport is very good and we get a good education

Clubs are good fun

Our classes are wonderful

The teachers all love us

I can play soccer, rugby, hockey and cricket

I like the art and drama classes

I play base guitar

I like our assemblies

Our school makes well-mannered children

The day is so much fun with lots of activities

The teachers are very kind

There are lots of things going on

We have a delicious, healthy cooked lunch at school

I love lunch!

We have an amazing and interesting history

There is a high academic standard at St George’s

We have a wide range of sport to choose from

I like the uniform

We have wonderful teachers

There are nice areas to play and explore

We have lots of outings

Everyone is welcome

We help each other and everyone is kind

There are no bullies in our school

It is a beautiful school

Everybody is helpful

We have healthy lunches

The education is great

I have lots of friends

Lunch is delicious!

Our school is an old Victorian mansion


Grade 5, 6 & 7

St George’s gives me options I don’t have at other schools

I have lots of friends and it feels like family

St George’s has given me the best education I could ask for

I like using iPads

We’re not the biggest school but we are the right size

We have nice lunches

We have smaller classes and good opportunities

We get individual attention

We have lots of sporting opportunities

Sport is fun

I love computers, art, drama and the library

The teachers are the best

The food is great

We have people from different countries attending our school

There are lots of nice people and I have lots of good friends

We offer learning different languages like German and French

I like the extra-murals

It feels like one big family

No bullying

Everyone is kind and welcoming

We have a … togetherness

I like the small classes and the size of the school

The academics are good

I value my school for encouraging ME TO BE ME AND TO GIVE OF MY VERY BEST IN EVERY SITUATION

St George’s has taught me to eagerly approach all opportunities offered to us and with our teachers always there as our safety nets, we are taught to grab new experiences and to always find a lesson to be learnt from it

I am not afraid to make mistakes along the way as my school always offers help when needed and is sure to guide and protect me as my family will

It’s my second home

Field trips, camps and sporting tours