Why I Love My School

Mar 10, 2016

By Reece Price, Grade 7

At the tender age of 5 years, I remember my mom leading me into the St George’s Pre-Primary school across the road.  As excited as I was to be starting little school, I tearfully found it difficult to let go of my mom’s hand.  Surrounded by energetic and unfamiliar little faces, two loving teachers threw their arms around me and held me tight, reassuring me that all was going to fine.  So from that day I have always felt welcomed and a part of the St George’s family, a feeling that I carry with me, and that has strengthened 7 years down the line.

Today I stand here, proud to be a happy St George’s Grade 7 pupil and having my reasons WHY, I SIMPLY LOVE THIS SCHOOL.  As my second home I look forward to being here every day.  I therefore AM WHAT I AM because of St George’s being an important part of my life.

I lead a very busy life at school and I love being a busy bee in our safe, loving and nurturing environment.  Buzzing between various sporting codes, academic commitments, music, drama and various community work projects, my school MOTIVATES ME to challenge myself in every way, while also making time for endless laughter and fun.  St George’s has taught me to eagerly approach all opportunities offered to us and with our teachers always there as our safety nets, we are taught to grab new experiences and to always find a lesson to be learnt from it.

I am not afraid to make mistakes along the way as my school always offers help when needed and is sure to guide and protect me as my family will.  Many of the friends I made on that very first day at Pre-Primary, be it on the jungle gym, in the judo class or on the Daverin Field, is a very special friendship and we regard each other as family.

As a senior pupil I value my school for encouraging ME TO BE ME AND TO GIVE OF MY VERY BEST IN EVERY SITUATION. Being exposed to so much, ranging from various field trips, visiting historical places, attending leadership and adventure camps, sporting tours, partaking in academic competitions, dress-up days and even exchanging with a school in the UK; WOW I love the St George’s way and I haven’t even gotten to the end of the list yet!

The last 7 years at St George’s has engraved deep footprints in my heart and mind which will never be erased.  My principal, each teacher, each experience here at school has contributed to a BETTER ME and a worthy Ambassador for my school.

As I cannot go on talking all night long about St George’s the following poem speaks true to my school:

I love my school

We do not have frightening rule.

My teachers here are kind,

But wrong doings, they do mind.

Such a lovely atmosphere, where can you find?

Taught to us is not fear,

As they believe to a student

School days are very dear.

Studying in this school is not just pleasure,

It is truly a lifetime’s treasure.