St George’s


Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in St George’s Preparatory. We aim to provide an education for all our students which, encompasses high academic achievement as well as a broad and balanced experience that develops the whole person.

We pride ourselves on looking after our staff as well as our students, so we are constantly working to create a culture of respect, fairness, integrity and support. In return we expect enthusiasm, engagement and a full commitment from those who work in our school.

Successful candidates to St George’s Preparatory will have a strong track record of professional expertise, but this doesn’t mean long years of service. We want the teachers in our school to be ambitious for our students, and if you are ambitious in your career also then the school will certainly act as an accelerator in that respect.

We are proud of our students and what they achieve, and share with them a pride in our school. If you would like to become part of our learning community, we look forward to receiving an application from you.

All applications must be submitted to

Grade 5 Class Teacher (short-term)

Fill in the form to enquire about a position.