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St George’s


We have a small Interact Club, run by a Committee and made up of pupils from Grade 10 to Grade 12. They have been actively involved in reaching out to the community in need, by collecting clothes, food, shoes etc.

One of the on-going projects is the sleeping bag project.  Sleeping bags are made out of newspaper and plastic bags, and to date the students have made approximately 180 sleeping bags. These sleeping bags have been donated to churches and the ladies in the churches have in turn given them to homeless people to sleep in. We are proud of the efforts of our club members.

The Interact Club hosted a very successful Mother and Daughter tea in Term 2 with a guest speaker. Lots of goodies were handed out to the ladies present. The event was well attended and it is intended to make it an annual event.

The Interact Club members also help different charities in Port Elizabeth by assisting with street collections.