St George’s

Grade 00 Daily Program

The daily program is centred on developing the Grade 00 children socially, emotionally and academically through a flexible informal learning approach where the children develop through observation, exploration, thinking and imagination.

  • The morning begins with free play indoors where the children settle down to enjoy their day at School.
  • At 8h00 the children join together with the other classes to Wake up, Shake up! Fun action songs, aerobics, yoga are enjoyed to get them enthusiastic and eager for the day ahead.
  • Morning ring time the children greet each other, share their news, discuss the weather , days of the week and months of the year.  On alternate days the children will concentrate on Numeracy where they will count, identify properties of objects such as their color, size, weight and shape through a wide range of activities. On the other days children will practice their language skills listening and sharing with their peers.  On Tuesdays the children enjoy Letter land activities.
  • Four days a week the Grade 00 children work on a four point rotation where they learn while playing educational games.
  • Outside play/Social development time is where the children play freely on the playground. Playing imaginative games, running and exploring their environment.
  • Every two weeks a new theme is introduced. The children develop their knowledge of the world around them, discuss their views and develop their enquiring minds.
  • Compulsory creative activities and sensory play activities are set out daily for the Grade 00 children to complete. During this time we encourage creativity through using different art media and tools to help develop the fine motor skills.
  • The children participate on alternate days participating in movement and musical activities. This helps the children develop an interest in participating in physical activities, mastering the skills of moving and controlling their bodies, balancing and basic body actions.
  • Extra activities included in the daily program are computers, Xhosa and baking on a Wednesday during our creative activities.

Our day ends off with a story, rhymes and learning a poem.