St George’s

Preparatory Alumni

The St George’s Association represents all past pupils of St George’s Preparatory and the committee is extremely motivated to continue developing the Association and its links with the St George’s Preparatory. The Association, with your help, will be working towards strengthening the past pupil network and extend the involvement of past students with the Preparatory.

The website will keep everyone updated with our progress and we would love your feedback! Please also update your details via the website.

Past pupils are always welcome to become involved at the Preparatory. There are opportunities to speak at assemblies, present at careers days, breakfasts and special events such as the Leavers Dinner and St George’s Day Assembly and become involved at events such as the Alumni Reunion Dinner. Reunions are great fun, so come along! Dates for Reunion Dinners are posted on the St George’s Preparatory Alumni Facebook page as well as the Preparatory website.

Alumni Coordinator

Telephone : +27 41 585 4825

Fax : +27 41 86 262 0259


While you can still pick up a phone and call to change your address, you can also post a photo and your news, by visiting our Facebook page here.

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