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Prospectus Overview

Being educated is about more than being able to pass a written test.  Having an education is about knowing one’s own values and ethics, it is about being able to transfer skills from one scenario to another, it is about being able to work as part of a team or independently, it is about situational analysis and critical thinking.  Different individuals learn these things differently so having small classes where individual attention is possible is an asset.

The South African school system, like the majority the world over, has a final school exit examination whose results determine which tertiary education options are open to the school leavers.  Teaching at the College follows a careful path between educating for life and preparation to do well in the final exit examinations.

The College follows the syllabi of the Independent Examinations Board and writes its National Senior Certificate examination.  The examination is recognised internationally and its method of questioning is highly regarded by educationalists.  It seeks an understanding of the work covered rather than mere parrot fashion reproduction of work taught.

We aim to send young adults out into the world who are able to adapt to changing working environments and can add value to their communities.