Why is St George’s special to me? | Ross Henderson

May 9, 2018

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. My name is Ross Henderson and I started at St Georges Prep in 2011 in Grade R. On my first day of Grade 1, I walked in through the gates for the first time and although I can’t remember exactly what I thought, it was probably something along the lines of “Wow, look at all those big kids in their smart uniforms, I hope I can be like them some day!” The first day of Grade 1 can be a little scary, but as soon as you walk into our brand-new, state of the art Grade 1 classrooms, you will immediately feel at home with the small class sizes and the kind, caring teachers.

St. George’s makes learning in, and outside the classroom fun and inclusive. We are also moving towards the integration of modern technology into the classrooms. With electronic Smartboards in every class, learners are introduced to enjoyable and interactive learning. From Grade 5, pupils are required to have an IPad at school to learn from using downloadable versions of our normal textbooks. IPads can also be used for fun group work outside the classroom and for creating exciting presentations. Don’t worry though, we still make use of good old fashioned pen and paper. The teachers still make us write out every test and every class activity in our workbooks.

Now, the future Wayne van Niekerks and Charlize Therons among us, don’t despair, for St George’s offers a wide variety of sport and cultural activities. In 2014, we were very fortunate to be blessed with this Arts & Media Centre you see around you. With the art room across the landing, the library below that, the computer lab directly below us and the drama room where we are now, combined with awesome teachers, gives pupils a chance to shine on the stage and on the canvas, or lets learners relax in the library or hone their skills in IT.

St George’s offers a huge variety of summer and winter sports ranging from swimming and hockey, right through to chess and cross country.  We also go on exciting sports tours, in fact, just a few weeks ago, I went with the U13A Water Polo team went to Knysna, to participate in the Oakhill Chukka Festival, held in the actual lagoon.

When I started Grade 1, I was quite shy and didn’t really know my way around the school. I really envied all the older kids with their badge clad blazers and air of authority. If you had told me then, little, shy, nervous me, that this is what I would become, a big, tall successful Grade 7, winner of the public speaking competition last year, well, I would have said that you were completely bonkers!

From the very first day, the teachers have encouraged me to push my boundaries to try new things. Even as recently as last weekend, when I auditioned for this year’s school production, Into The Woods.

I can say without a doubt, that I have had a fantastic time at St George’s, and I know that any of you that choose to come here will have an amazing experience. At St. George’s you are more than just a student, you are a part of a family where everyone knows each other. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be walking down the corridor, and have a younger pupil walk past and say “Hi, Ross.” and be able to call them by name as well.

St George’s will undoubtedly make your Primary school career enjoyable and fun in a nurturing and caring environment.